Is listening to Christmas music during Lent a sin?


It’s not like I listen to Christmas music everyday. But still, when I feel down I like listening to it, it cheers me up. But I noticed in some songs there is hallelujah which I know we can’t say during Lent. Should I stop listening to Christmas music?


No, it is not a sin.

Certain things are suppressed from public worship in Lent, but playing a favorite song is not public worship.



A few days ago, I forwarded to members of my Parish “Cenacle” group what I termed “A Trilogy” which included one Christmas Carol and two other “hymns” pertinent to the Passion and death of Jesus. Now, I’m interested to receive any/all responses from readers about this. My intention was to simply reflect on the Life of Christ…nothing more. Here is my ‘TRILOGY’…

Food for thought… from my simplistic mind…



That the THE best question I have seen here though.


Yes, listening to C-mas music during Lent is not only a mortal sin …it’s a sacrilege!! :eek:

The only music allowed is music by Black Sabbath & AC/DC. :rolleyes:


Thank you all. I guess I was worrying for nothing! As usual. :smiley:


You can’t say Hallelujah during lent?


The knowledge of the Faith by Catholics is pathetic. Why is it that most people seem to have never passed past a 3rd grade understanding of God, the Church and our place in it?


It can’t be sung in the Mass.



Yes, but the op is asserting we can not speak it at all…
And we all know that is not the case. I wonder where the op got such an idea?


Because we lay people have not done a good job of evangelizing one another.


I feel the same way…That’s why I’m seriously thinking of leaving this Forum. It’s very frustrating.


I don’t know why people come here. I know I come here to learn more about my faith. I mean it’s called Catholic Answers for a reason!!! Some poeple answered nicely and actually helped while others are attacking and judging?!!! If you have nothing nice to say, then please do not say anything, cuz your posts are very unchairtable. Now who is the one who needs to be evangelized?


Because not all of us had the grace to be raised in a “holy” Catholic family! A lot of us if not most actually had to stumble through the dark tunnel looking for the light at the end of it with no one’s help but the Holy Spirit’s. The whole reason we come here is to learn and be evangelized.


That is very true. No one should be uncharitable. The lack of Catechism of Catholics in the day and age of information at your fingertips is a frustrating thing for some of us. But we should not be so frustrated that we forget that many times people are asking real, true questions. It is not your fault per se, but rather the Church’s fault. We need to do better with things like that. Part of doing better would be to be more welcoming and understanding of things like this.

Having said that, There is a real rash of scrupulosity questions lately. More than usual. It can be a thing that many of us do not understand. You asked if listening to Christmas Music during lent was a SIN. An actual sin. Logic would dictate that a loving God would not condemn you for enjoying and listening to music about His incarnation no matter the time of year. And logic could be further employed by the sheer fact that you typed the word itself. No problem there. The “No Hallelujah” Rule is liturgical in nature. Meaning belonging to the liturgy of the Mass. The fasting and abstinence rules of lent do not include a curb of speech of a Holy word in your every day life. You could however mimic the liturgy as a sign of reverence during lent. But I hesitate to even mention that because you seem to have possible scrupulosity issues. I would suggest finding a spiritual advisor who can meet with you regularly about issues such as these. The internet is not a kind place. And sadly CAF sometimes falls into the categories of harshness. If others do not like the idea of all sorts of questions on CAF they can simply not post or not click on the thread. :shrug: My question to you was rhetorical in nature to try to get you to logically think about the issue. Please stick around and post on these forum more often!


Me too. It is one thing to not understand the actual significance of the Mass or what it actually “is,” but is quite another when thread after thread ask questions such as the one in the original post. Another recent thread asked if it was a sin to read the bible while sitting on the toilette. Where does one begin with that?


Maybe not, but even as a child I would have never thought it wrong to sing a Christmas song during lent and as an adult to think that it is an action that separates oneself from God is absurd. There are a near limitless supply of books dealing with the Catholic faith. I think you would be better rewarded by spending your time with them instead of asking every question that pops into your head here. Sometimes we must answer our own questions with our God given intellect.


Wow! Just wow!!! I’ll pray for you.


While I am in need of any prayers offered on my account, I don’t think that anything in a post of mine here necessitates the assistance of the All Mighty.

Better yet, why don’t you start on page 1 of the Catechism? It is freely available on-line. Seriously.


I too have grown enormously frustrated at the OCD/scrupulosity on this forum, so much so that I think it makes Catholics look like sin-obsessed loons.

It’s terrifying that some people really think that things like swatting a fly or letting a peach go to waste will lead to eternal damnation. Is that really how people of our faith view our all-loving God? Apparently so!

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