Is listening to Eminem a sin?


I have been an Eminem’s fan for a lot of years but until recently i discovered that foul langague MIGHT be a sin so i stopped. Also Eminem has some hatred oriented songs but a lot of his songs are also with a good message. So what do you say, is listening to Eminem a sin? Please post your explanation too.


Is bad taste a sin? :wink: (Just kidding! I don’t think there’s anything wrong to listening to Eminem on the whole, though some of his songs have morally questionable lyrics.)


I have no idea who Eminem is but I have found that through this current culture we have more than ample opportunity to grow in holiness. I once read books with words that made me avert my eyes just because the “plot” was so good. I justified a plethora of pleasures because they really weren’t that bad, nor illicit, and went my merry way fairly confident all was okay. Through oceans of grace, I no longer do many things I did in the past and have found that a greater contentedness awaits me in just being “right” with the Lord. There are pearls and then there are not…


I am friend of good music. I do not rate it by how many “wrong” words there might be. It is all about are they needed or not. Well, the kind of music I listen to do not have profane langauges (even though some German words may sound like it) so I can’t really say. But let us think about it like this: Every good detective-story need a body. It is all about how it look. German storys (Der Alte, Ein Fall Fur Zwei und so weiter) have a very clean profile. Dead people? Yes, but it does not look that bad. English storys do have a body, or two, and a bit of blood, but the violence is not the main issue. American storys (sorry) have a lot cadavers, much blood and more violence really needed to make the story good. I prefer German storys. But in the end it is what we want to see, isn’t it? So, if you like the music and they are not telling you to sell you soul to Satan, listen to it. But keep in mind that music is a very strong weapon. It can build, but it can also tear, so be careful.


**While listening to Eminem isn’t a sin, it certainly is bad taste. Here is my explanation:

I know where You are coming from. I myself, was an Eminem fan. I listened to the whole “pop scene” including but not limited to: Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Eminem, Drake, (I can’t think of the others at this moment), however I listened because at the time I was listening to this trash, I was also wallowing in impure sins. The music fueled my sinful behavior and my sinful behavior fueled my music. When Our Lord picked up me up and showed me Himself (A little reversion experience), I stopped listening. Frankly, the music is atrocious (mostly because of auto-tune and “recycled lyrics”) and the majority of the lyrics sing about false love. A false love that is actually lust. I now listen to Country (even then I am picky about the impure songs, which thankfully are not nearly as prevalent as pop, not yet anyway) but I dearly love to listen to Gregorian Chant. Music is a powerful force. Socrates believed in censoring music because of the powerful effect it has on human beings (Not a view that I square 100% with but I do agree partly). Scientifically it has been shown that music can perform the same effect as a drug would. For this, I only allow Holy influences to form and influence my mind, and this Holy influence is Gregorian Chant. It is ancient, powerful and beautiful. Gregorian chant has been proven to have health benefits. It fills the mind with the things of GOD and is excellent as a meditational aid. This advice is my :twocents:**


It’s not about if you listen to it, but if you do what his lyrics continue to say then it could be


I think this Eminem song “Mockingbird” about his daughters, is good.

as is “When I’m Gone”

Both talk about his failure as a dad, and his regrets, and his love for his daughters.


Most music really isn’t bad. Most. As Jesus said, it is not what comes from without that corrupts you, but what comes form within.

sincerely a power metal fan


He sure has a potty mouth and his albums sound awfully…angry. I wouldn’t listen to him and I wouldn’t want others to listen to him around me. Listening to albums that spew that kind of anger and foul language could be seen as scandalous (and it can’t do you much good to take that in all the time either). I suggest finding something else to listen to- something a little less angry, something a little less profane.


I’ve heard it. It’s a sin. The sexually suggestive, “I’ve never seen an a** like that.” turns women into body parts. “Go to sleep b****. Die, m*********, Die!”

As a friend said regarding hearing his music to another friend of mine, “Don’t ever play that around my kids.”

He is a fake icon - a poster boy for non-musical dysfunctionality. And profanity is OK.


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