Is listening to Gangam style a sin?

Because of the “sexy lady” part in the song.

Oh…sometimes I really wonder about what people worry… I mean, do you completely abstain from pop music, commercial TV etc. ? If yes you wouldn´t ask, and if you don´t this song is not the gravest point of offense you see/ hear in the media.
So it leads you to impure thoughts, don´t listen, but there are really themes we need to think about more :wink:

Here’s the general Catholic consensus on profane music

With all due respect, you list “American Movie X” as one of your favorite movies and you are worried about the lyrics “sexy lady” in a song???

Same thougt :slight_smile:

This guy makes me laugh every time I listen to him or watch him perform. Love the new commercial, ALWAYS makes me laugh. Do not believe this is a sin.

Only a sin against my ears!

American history x is a movie where the actor takes his character( like with most movies) and acts according to the character. Edward Norton plays the leading role as Derek Vinyard who does pre-marriage sex, murder,he is extremely racist, he even speaks foul langague(i don’t know if that is a sin yet, but some do). But that is the character of Derek Vinyard a neo-nacist who then after his prison experience becomes non racist. The movie never promotes(i believe) the acts Derek did they just show them as part of their character. They never say they are right. About Gangam style, PSY calls the woman** sexy** lady which I would think music is lustfully directed. I like PSY and i don’t want to judge anybody im just asking if listening to Gangam style is okay for a christian.

are you getting turned on by watching it?


Me too.


San Lorenzo Ruiz Seminarians in the Philippines dancing Gangnam style:


So you think watching a movie where an actor portraying a foul-mouth racist is ok for a Christian but not listening to the words a singer sings… this is beyond my comprehension.

He is a racist at first and then he becomes non-racist. I believe American History X has a good against racism message. [BIBLEDRB][/BIBLEDRB]

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