Is listening to Mike Oldfield OK or not?

This is something which is bugging me a lot. I’m a massive progressive rock fan and in particular I’m a massive Mike Oldfield fan. Tubular Bells was among the first prog songs I ever heard (and one of the first prog albums I ever bought).

But what’s worrying me is that some of his later stuff is defined as New Age and there’s a lot of odd Celtic-y and pan-pipey music which although good, is often associated with more paganistic stuff.

So I’m wondering if I should be listening to Mike Oldfield for this reason?

I’m not sure if that’s a good reason or not.

But I do think you are being called to deeply discern your music-listening habits.

Old Oldfield - that’s some drug-bad stuff, my friend. The flip side of Tubular Bells, I think, is something I hope never to hear again. :smiley:

Tubular Bells used to be the album I listened to when stoned for a good reason.

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