Is Listening to Pagan-themed Music Sinful?

I like many pagan bands such as Temnozor, Cruachan, Arkona, and Ensiferum. I do not allow any of these bands to influence my beliefs; I simply like them for their atmosphere and folk melodies.

I’m not sure if it is sinful in and of itself.

But I do think that your questioning of this is leading you to a deeper life with Christ. He is calling on you to carefully discern your music-listening habits.

I’m not familiar with these bands, but in general, I would not think that listening to pagan-themed music would be much different to listening to secular-themed music or music from another culture, which may necessarily be pagan.

Purge it with fire. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think bad taste is necessarily a sin.

When I saw the title about Pagan-themed music, I was thinking like Der Ring des Nibelungen and so forth.

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