Is listening to rap a sin?

:hmmm:I listen to rap songs but they are the clean version. I enjoy this style of music and most of it does have explicit content. Is it a sin?

The Catechism does not mention it and the Church does not teach that it is. The common teaching of the Catholic Church is that media (books, music, movies) are morally neautral and it is what a person does with the material that is right or wrong. If one listens to rap music, it is not necessarily a sin. If you begin to lust because of it or go out and shoot a cop then it is certainly sinful.

It is not possible for any style of music to be sinful to listen to JUST because A track belongs in that style.

Rap is a style. If that specific song contains inhuman or sexual lyrics, it’s probably best to not listen to it, but there is nothing wrong with the rap genre in and of itself.

Nobody can say it’s a sin, it is on a purely song-by-song basis, and the same must be applied to all music with lyrics.

I don’t feel rap to be a sin,but it is imho a person talking to a repeated beat rhyming words. I’m a guitarist.

i don’t think it’s a sin either, it was inspired. but i think some of the lyrical contents questionable clean or not you know the intent. For example some of three 6 mafias earlier stuff. i think some underground hip hop has a better message then alot of the mainstream because the mainstreams appealing to what the world wants to hear. Money/ sex / pride things of that nature. But the beats catchy. Rappers have to catch my attention by *not *talking about any of those 3 topics , if they can then they are displaying skill old school skill when hip hop was something else. not rap. hip hop is the manifestation of all types of races combing to express themselves in the form of , breaking, graff, Mc, Djing , Producing , and rap is the corporate world selling that idea , corrupting it to feed the need of the greed and the unknown vices people can concieve. but this is just my humble opinion.

No it isn’t. I’ll take it even further and say it depends on the overall content. There are songs that have profanity yet still have something strong to say. Take Eminem’s earlier songs for example.

Nope, but gotta guard your ears - protect your soul from bad stuff. I like the beat…:slight_smile:

Rap is a problem and I’m not talking about the beat. A friend of mine said this after listening to some earlier Eminem: “Don’t play that around my kids.”

Music formats are not the issue but music that calls women itches and hs" and features scantily dressed young ladies in music videos is definitely sending a wrong message.


Not if it’s Catholic rap!!!

Rap is not a problem. Most rap music is. Rap is a music style, and cannot be sinful it of itself. I have listened to many a good moral rap song that told a story, and had nothing to do with objectifying women or wanton violence.

Thnx. I have tried to find rap that has good lyrics but I have failed to find many. But other people enjoy profanity and it sells so…just another act of satan.:frowning:

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hey, just a suggestion, get on Pandora Radio and create a station called : RJD2
you’ll find it’s all hip hop beats and instrumentals and from different artists too. no cursae words either. Although the link up there with catholic rappers looks interesting too i gotta check it out. Peace

Listenening to rap itself is not a sin, it just shows sinfully bad taste in music :smiley:

Well as a fellow guitarist like myself you might find this interesting in light of the thread topic:-

I do agree that the content of some rap is an issue… however, you can not say that “rap is a problem” because of the negative message from SOME of the “artists”.

Perhaps a better question is, “Does it bring us closer to Christ?”

I don’t listen to pure rap, but I like some hip-hop/dance music for running. That said, even the “clean” versions merely delete the expletives, leaving awkward pauses in the song which the mind immediately fills in with the missing curse word anyway. Yet, deleting the bad words doesn’t change the fact that many of these songs are celebrating sexual promiscuity, materialism, self-gratification and, in many cases, substance abuse. (Pink, who had a hit couple of years ago with the thought-provoking “Sober” is now chanting, “Raise Your Glass.”) Much as I enjoy the bit, I wouldn’t want my kids listening to a lot of this, and lately I find myself wondering if I should be, either.

There are pop songs out there with positive messages, but it can be hard to find without going through a lot of not-so-positive stuff in the process.

From a 30 second google search…

Edit: also while I HATE it when people over generalize things and I think it’s sad to say this I think it’s a safe bet that if it’s rap that you would see on MTV… it’s bad.

I know there are plenty of Christian groups out there in just about every genre, but honestly, in my experience, very few of those who label themselves as Christian acts actually make good music. I’ve tried listening to the Christian music station in my area a few times, and just couldn’t take it. And, this may get me in trouble here, but don’t get me started on EWTN’s Catholic Jukebox. I’m not sure if it’s still around or not, but I tried listening to it a few times, and it was just painful to hear, for the most part.

On the other hand, I greatly enjoy much the music of The Black Eyed Peas – I think they are brilliant musicians, but some of there music is downright obscene. There are a few secular pop musicians with generally positive messages out there – Natasha Bedingfield comes to mind (She does use the “b” word in her newest album, but in a song that is basically about not wanting to be a bad person just to get one’s own way.)

Edit: also while I HATE it when people over generalize things and I think it’s sad to say this I think it’s a safe bet that if it’s rap that you would see on MTV… it’s bad.

As with all generalizations, there are exceptions, of course, but this is a good rule of thumb.

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