Is listening to secular music frowned upon, because I love my music! It is not bad or degrading in anyway

I am just curious as to what some of the replies will be. If you would like you can share some of your favorite artists with me; that is if you like secular music :stuck_out_tongue:

By secular do you just mean non religious music or do you mean like recent music? :slight_smile:

I don’t hold anything against any music as long as what is being sung is not immoral. Everyone enjoys different things.

As for stuff that is more recent I enjoy, Daniel Powter’s You had a bad day. Good to listen to after a bad day. :smiley: Also like Extreme Ways by Moby.

I have never really found my self liking a certain group or singer when it comes to pop music. Seems I can like one song from a group but be totally disinterested in the rest. I do like almost anything Andy Williams sings though :D.

To answer your question you need to ask if the music you listen to glorifies God? Does it build up? Is it Loving?

Such things are nor about what is “frowned upon”.
If you are firmly focused toward God, then you can make proper judgements on the music.
“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God…”

This thing of being properly focused will help with many many questions such as this AND, being properly focused will give you the strength to face the various sinful, ungodly and otherwise worldly temptations that we all have to face everyday and not be fooled by them.


I love SOME secular music. I live in Los Angeles County, California. Most of the time my radio is tuned to 91.5 FM KUSC, Classical Music 24/7. But sometimes I switch over to 88.1 FM KKJZ, Jazz Music 24/7. I never listen to pop, rock etc. :harp:

I like some secular music too!!! I don’t like pop music though (the Lady Gaga, Katy Perry nonsense is nauseating; however I like one particular artist in particular who would qualify as the King of Pop); love smooth jazz because it helps me to relax; and rock music hurts my head;

There shouldn’t be anything wrong if it’s not bad or degrading in any way.

I’ve been listening to Gavin Mikhail. He makes music sound like music.

I tend to listen more to instrumental music now - that way there is no concern about what the lyrics are saying. :wink: Music itself is either pleasant or not pleasant. :slight_smile:

The one album we listen to regularly is the one my wife wakes up to every morning. Yanni’s “In My Time” - good simple piano, nicely played. It was the first Album I played for her after we got home from our wedding trip in 1993.

Something else relating to what is or is not offensive…
Back when I was teen (Late '60’s), I remember hearing songs that many said glorified drugs or sex or had “hidden meanings” and such but when I listened to the same songs, what I heard more were warnings - the negatives that could come from drugs and sex and as far as “meanings” went, I personally tended to “read in” positive messages…
Maybe that was just the result of my personal make-up and how I was raised and came to believe…:shrug:
But it speaks to something that mentioned in my earlier post. If one is properly ordered to God, then one can properly discern whether something does or does not glorify Him…At least for you personally…


If you’re in Los Angeles, do you ever listen to KCRW? They do play a variety of different music, don’t they? Not just “pop, rock, etc,” but also jazz, bluegrass, classical, world beat, etc. Other than WFMU in NY/NJ, it’s the the closest radio equivalent to an iPod.

I don’t like most recent pop songs espeically the really mainstream stuff but I do like some of it. As far as rock goes I love the Final Countdown :D.

Even though the OP appears to no longer be with us, maybe she is still lurking. :o

Discernment is required, of course, but there has never been a moral mandate that Catholics only partake of art (whether music, literature, painting, etc.) that is explicitly Christian.

It depends on the music. Is it something which promotes hate, anger, hate against God, hate against fellow man, sinful behaviour etc? Does it glorify sinful things? If so, the yes, it would be bad to listen and enjoy them. Listening to them for educational purposes/research purposes would not. But you have to be honest with yourself here if listening to that blasphemous heavy metal song a 200th time is really for educational purposes to educate others about the existence of these songs or not?

Even songs which appear to be about sinful things can in reality be criticisms of these sinful things. If that’s your take home message, then it would also not be bad to listen to them. However, if you encourage others to enjoy such works, they may understand them differently and so start believing dodgy things.

Yep I’m sure “Down with the Sickness” would classify as one of those “no-no” songs :tsktsk:

Unfortunately I can’t help but listen to the Richard Cheese version just for laughs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t know either, I’m afraid. I listen to mindless JPOP :slight_smile: much of the time while commuting, and since I only pick up several words, the lyrics don’t disturb me. Bubblegum pop. Saying that, when I was younger, music snobbery was the rage. If you even listened to some techno/or pop or anything half mainstream you would be labelled a loser. You had to listen to alternative bands, like Erasure. Ok not Erasure. :slight_smile:

Yeah I was just listening to a great American-British rock band Orson (A German friend of mine got me hooked on them) and when I was listening to it, I started getting into my “Yeah I’m goin clubbin’ tonight and hit it up with all the chicks playa!” Then I was like “Oh, those days are over, I’m gonna have to put a new spin on this song” :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I know. When that arthritis kicks in and the sciatica, clubbing just isn’t as much fun anymore. :slight_smile:

Hahaha…“Raise the roof…Raise the roof! Owwwww! My back” :stuck_out_tongue:

I know KCRW exists, and have even tuned to it a few times, but I tend to stick to Classical Music and Jazz. :blush:

Jazz? What are you 90? :wink:

Hey don’t knock Jazz…I’m a jazz fan and I’m 22.

Yes but you’re from Ohio. The Good Morning* State. All you’z are weird. :wink:

  • = Ohayo = Good Morning in Japanese.
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