Is listening to secular music frowned upon, because I love my music! It is not bad or degrading in anyway

Yea and once you come, you can never go back the same :hypno::wink:


67 years old, and I appreciate the KKJZ plays modern jazz music as well as the established pieces.

What a minute! California is the traditional state of weirdos.


While I don’t know that listening most ‘normal’ pop culture music constitutes sin, you’re wise to steer clear of some of the more provocative songs. Listening to some pop music that promotes greed/fornication/etc, is sort of like a soldier listening to too much enemy propoganda. It weakens your resolve and makes it harder to serve God.

I don’t know reading this has me thinking. I do like rock and metal, but I also like Sinatra and things like the beatles. So what would you guys say?

I like rock and metal, too (but not Sinatra or the Beatles :p). There is no ban on all secular music. Catholics can listen to music (or read books, or look at paintings, etc.) from non-Catholic artists. But it’s always a good idea to use discernment.

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