Is looking at the Host on the computer the same as being in Church?

Because of transportation reasons I am no longer able to visit Our Lord in The Blessed Sacrament in differant churches like I used to , on a regular basis .I have just found out that through " streaming " ,in the computer , some churches have it where they actually present " live " from their site , The Blessed Sacrament , to your computer screen . Is it the same " effect " as being before Our Lord,s holy presence .Only because of transportation problems . I would never abuse such a previlage , if it is in fact the same experience as being before His Most Holy August Magesty. To Jesus through Mary


Is looking at a friend on skype the same as looking at the person in person? Surely it is good, but it definitely is not the same. Is it better than not seeing the person at all? Of course it is!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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