Is love the only reason for a relationship and marriage?

I know some will probably say that love can be founded deeper in the relationship but what if you marry someone who you don’t love or if you have a girlfriend just because she is beatiful?

Why on Earth would you want to marry someone just because she’s beautiful? Marriage isn’t about acquiring a ‘pretty bauble’ that looks good. When married you will be spending the rest of your life with that person, after a short while, what that person looks like physically will be of very little importance to you.

Marriage isn’t some fairytale where everyone looks pretty. It’s real life with all the ups and downs, sorrows and joys, grit and grind, that goes along with it. It certainly sin’t about having some pretty person to look.

Marrying someone because they are beautiful is a marriage doomed to failure, and very quickly.

I would say that love is a very complex thing, and changes and grows (or diminishes) as we do in relationship with others. People marry for a variety of reasons - and I think there are many legitimate reasons for marriage - and even if they are not in love, love can grow between the husband and wife.

But marrying someone because they look beautiful would hardly be a legitimate reason for marriage.

Probably not, I agree, if it was solely because they look beautiful.

Timi, what do you mean by “marry someone you don’t love”? Do you mean you don’t have romantic feelings for them? Do you mean they aren’t your best friend? Do you mean *all *kinds of love are absent – including Christian charity? If a Christian has no charity he should get right with God before marrying someone.

If one has only charity for another person, and not the love of friendship, I think it would be hard to spend the rest of your life with them. Then again, friendship is something that can grow. If one has charity and friendship, but not the romantic dimension, I would think the marriage would be strained as well, but again, I’ve heard some people say this can grow where it was absent before. Not to mention that some societies thrived for centuries on *arranged *marriage.

To marry someone based only on physical beauty would be a very foolish thing to do on several levels.

Physical beauty always fades. Always. True love only grows stronger and more beautiful with each turn of the calendar page.


Very true!

I’ve been married for just under 25 years and I love my wife more now than when we were first married. I’m now bald and she’s put on just a little more weight, but who cares?

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