Is Love the promise?


Dear All:

Are the promises of the covenants actually Love or God’s Love for and of us?


I believe it is!


Well, the covenants are based on Gods love-as they issue forth from it, and call us to it; and are only authentically fulfilled by it. Love is the goal for us; to the extent that we love justice prevails in creation.



Jesus summed up all the law and prophets in the two great commands of Love…That pretty well covers it I think.



The covenants were God’s call to become His and His willingness to become ours.

“They shall be my people and I will be their God”. … a call to a marriage. That’s why we see Heaven as a Marriage feast and Christ as the bridegroom. It’s truly a life-giving marriage…not only in the spiritual realm in that we become actually part of God’s own blessed life and therefore are able to live after our earthly death…but it our numbers grow through Baptism and more and more children grow in the family. God promises over and over in the covenants to make our decendents numerous.

God bless



The promises are love!!!


I John 2: 25 And this is the promise that he hath promised us, even eternal life.

It is His Love that gives us eternal life, Luke 10: 25-27 We inherit eternal life by Love.

I, also, believe that Abraham’s circumcision was the outward sign and seal of his circumcised heart. The Temple was the outward sign of God’s Dwelling in our soul. The promise of land is Abraham’s son Isaac and Isaac is the outward sign of the inward eternal life in Abraham.


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