Is loving your neighbor can help you live a longer life?

Explain why or why not.

No because actual love hurts(for example to see someone has not faith or suffers).

Perhaps not in a mortal sense, but loving one’s neighbor is a necessary part of achieving the longest life of all: eternal life.

Who wants to live a longer life in this miserable and corrupt world!?

In one respect, loving your neighbor may not extend your life, but it surely should make you feel that you ARE living the life you should.

In another respect, not loving your neighbor may bring on stress that often ends up affecting your health and could shorten your life.

This makes sense.

Drs. Oz and Roizen wrote Help Others to Help Your Health. You can read the article here:

It’s quite easy to find the beauty in this life…

That was an interesting article.

I’ve seen time and again a news article saying that being at peace and on good terms with self and others, helps calm nerves and also extends life. Heart attacks seem to be primed to go off from stress. Stress is alleviated by putting the mind on something or someone else. Doing good takes our mind off of our own problems. Like we feel sorry for ourselves when we have no shoes until we see someone without any feet. Pity parties are always emotionally expensive and the price is too high.

Jesus said not to worry about tomorrow.

Just an observation.

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