Is lying continuous sin?

If I were to lie to someone and then never tell them The actual truth would I always be in sin as long as she believes the false statement I made, or is it that the sin is only when you are saying the lie?

As part of your penance, you should inform the person, if you are able, of the fact that you lied to them- Same as returning stolen property, and the like.


What if it wasn’t your penance

It’s not a matter of penance, but of contrition. If you are contrite, then you want to right the wrong you have done, which in the case of lying, means revealing the lie to the person you lied to.

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It depends on what you are lying. Some lies would resolve by themselves if they depend on time line. Example - If you lie about attending a function knowing fully well you would not come, that lie will resolve by itself when you do not turn up. Of course, you can tell your host that you lied (when you said you’d come for the party) but if you don’t, it was obvious you had lied. The lie will breed another if you make false excuse for not coming to the party.

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Depends on the nature of the lie and the situation.

What @Fauken said

What type of lie was this? If it was calumny, then yes it would be continuously sinful not to correct the damage done to another’s reputation.

If it was not calumny but did concern something where the other person had a right to know, then you probably do not have an obligation to admit to lying, but may have an obligation to correct whatever damage you’ve caused, by other means.

If it was concerning something where the other person had no right to the truth, then there is no obligation to correct the matter unless they bring it up again.

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