Is lying for your boss a sin?


Okay so I’ve got a question for everyone … if you work for someone and have to lie for them (for example: if I tell someone on the phone that my boss is in a meeting when he is simply busy … or more often then not just does not want to speak to them) how bad is this? I know lying is a sin … but what if it is for your boss?

Often this is the case … he is a busy guy but I don’t wan’t to rock the boat as they say.

Just tell them that he is busy. You can give him the message and let him deal with it.

I would say that in this case it is a sin. Instead say he is not available.

I just started a thread about whether lying is always a sin or not; it will be interesting to see what people think.

“Mr. Smith is unavailable at the moment, may I take a message or put you into his voice mail?”

I agree. It’s better to just say he’s unavailable or busy at the moment. While I know there are exceptions, my personal experience is that employers will usually value your integrity if you’re always honest about everything at work, even if that means not being able to lie for your boss. After all, integrity/honesty seems to be a rare commodity now a days.

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