Is makeup okay?

I am 15 years old. My mom encourages me to wear makeup. She is Catholic. She says there is nothing wrong with it, I’m old enough, it makes me look more pulled-together ad mature. I have only worn very natural makeup- no crazy eyeliner or eyeshadow. But other people, including a priest, have told me that it is wrong to wear makeup if you are not married. This priest also said that it is wrong to have pierced ears. Is this official Church Teaching or just his opinion? I want to know if I am sinning by wearing makeup and earrings? :confused:

There is nothing inherently sinful about wearing makeup or ear piercings. What could be sinful are our intentions when wearing such things (i.e vanity). However in and of itself, wearing makeup or having one’s ears pierced is not a sin. There’s nothing wrong with simply wanting to look our best, that’s why we comb our hair and wear different styles of clothing.

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