Is making plans sinful?


I have heard recently that day dreaming is sinful (which I can understand). My question is this. Is planing stuff for later a sin? Like I am going to have a garage built for restoring cars sometime after I graduate (I just started college) Would it be sinful or considered “day dreaming” if I draw up different floor plans for it so I have then when I get ready to build? Basically I am trying to find out where the line goes from planning to day dreaming. Thanks all

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I’d like to know where you heard that day dreaming is sinful.


Planning, day dreaming, goal-setting… none of these things are sins.

Perhaps you misunderstood whoever you “heard” this from?

You also sound like you may tend towards scrupulosity… so perhaps you should discuss thoughts like this with your priest when they start to disturb you.


I don’t know what the technical answer is, but I would imagine it is sinful ONLY if you let the plans run your life. In other words- get in the way of obligations and such. Also be sure to remember that just as you have plans- God has plans for you as well. If you let your plans blind you to God’s plan, then that is sinful. IMO, if your goals honor God, are good and worthy of Him, then they are OK- just watch out for new doors!


Daydreaming is not sinful. Where did you hear that? :confused:

Planning is not sinful.

Neglecting your responsibilities is sinful. Sometimes being responsible requires planning for the future and what you are describing is doing just that. :thumbsup:


I am at a loss to understand where you got the idea that either daydreaming or making prudent plans for the future is wrong. I suppose of either of these activities took time away from other duties, they could be mildly sinful, but otherwise, don’t see your logic.


You think when they built all those big cathedrals, they didn’t draw plans? You think those beautiful windows weren’t the result of “daydreaming” by the artists, who had to visualize and sketch before they could create?

This is just silly. Seems some people will say ANYTHING is a sin…

If daydreaming means you don’t fulfill current responsibilities, then it can be problematic. But it is not of itself sinful. It is the misuse of it that could be sinful. If planning means you don’t listen to God’s will, then it could be sinful. But again, it’s the misuse of planning that would be sinful, not planning in itself.


Since when is day dreaming and making plans sinful???


One of my friends (who is devout) told me that day dreaming was a selfish act so it was sinful. I have not been Catholic long so I just figured he know what he was talking about…I guess he didn’t! Thanks for clearing that up!


Stealth Chevy… did you used to be called Truck, and then Super Sport? Your posts look a lot like some of his did…


Indeed his posts do!

And Stealth Chevy- Your friend might devout, but he or she is misinformed. Dreaming is not a selfish act unto itself. It is morally neutral.


If you are talking about daydreaming to the point that you wish your life was different or it becomes obsessive, then that is sinful. Maybe that’s the type of dreaming to which your friend was referring. When we dream like that then we are not being grateful for the life that God gave us. But your plans seem like good plans that involve using the gifts God gave you. And you are in college! You planned for that, didn’t you? My son will be going to college next year- sometimes it seems that’s all we talk about(apps, GPA, etc.).
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I agree with this. I think for the most part daydreaming is not sinful and probably reduces stress. Unless you are having impure daydreams, you spend too much time daydreaming (instead of doing work that needs to get done), or as susananne said above, I think it is fine.


I was thinking the same thing. If so, I would advise the OP to get a good spiritual director…you seem to be a bit on the scrupulous side, my brother. :slight_smile:


Is making plans sinful? It depends on what it is that you are planning.
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Deacon Ed B


Deacon called it, as usual, how about daydreaming on how you are going to spend your lottery jackpot of God grants your prayer to win?


I call these my light moments of make believe. But, I do not nor do I encourage anyone to pray to win the lottery.
Prayers & blessings
Deacon Ed B


I have heard recently that day dreaming is sinful

Man I hope not, cause without it I’d never made it outta Econ 101 way back when.


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