Is marriage in the Church possible here?


I have been dating a divorced woman for three months. She was baptized in the Catholic Church but married in a Lutheran church. Her ex cheated on her and her marriage sounded horrible. In addition, she was sexually abused multiple times and has had no real adult male to look up to in her life.

I am trying (slowly) to get her to come to church with me. Most of all I want her in the Catholic church as an adult. :thumbsup:

Do I have a chance at marring this woman?



Since she was a Catholic and married outside of the Church, she should not have a difficult time getting the marriage annulled. Just go easy with her regarding the Church. It seems to be more of an emotional matter than a doctrinal one. I hope she is in therapy. You both are in our prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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