Is Martin Luther a unique vessel for Protestants?


I read this article:

God will often allow an evil situation to reach a full state of development before intervening. This was certainly true of the Reformation. Although God has always had a testimony on the earth, as far as the mass of humanity was concerned all of the vital truths of the gospel had become buried or obscured during the Dark Ages and were replaced by a system of superstition. The truth was covered over. Instead of the call to repent and believe on Him, human merit was preached. Idols created by man took the place of Christ. Ritualistic pagan ceremonies replaced the simple worship of God in spirit and reality. The law and the letter replaced the Spirit and the word. A worldly hierarchy patterned after the Roman Empire replaced the local elders. When the works of darkness reached such a state of fruition, the Lord intervened by raising up a unique vessel for that age, Martin Luther.


Is this how all protestants believe that Martin Luther is a unique vessel for God’s intervene or only a few who think so?



Almost all new denominations of Christianity claim to have new public revelation that Christ didn’t reveal, or claim to some fancy new interpretation of the Bible. Most denominations claim their leader is given the public revelation, and so, sent by God.

As Catholics we believe Christ was the fullness of public revelation. Only private revelation can/could have occur/occurred from the time of Christ onward.

Anyway, they need a reason for dissenters of the Catholic Church in the Reformation to be the real speakers of Truth.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Methodist thinks that calling any man by that title is close to blasphemous.
No, I most certainly do not think Martin Luther was a “unique vessel”. Good Heavens! :nope:


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