Is Mary in heaven?

Sorry if they are dumb questions but I really want to know…
Is the blessed Virgin Mary in heaven?
Can we pray to her (Rosary)?
Why do Protestants say it’s Idolatry?

Edit: Is the Virgin Mary’s Assumption Biblical?

The Blessed Virgin Mary was assumed into heaven, body and soul.
Yes you OUGHT to pray the Rosary. It is the most powerful prayer God has given us besides the Mass.

It is not idolatry. While a good number of Protestants think we give Mary the worship that is due the God alone, we do not. We give the BVM “hyper-dulia” which is a form of veneration due to the Theotokos alone. We beg her to implore God for us, to intercede. God also wishes us to honour the Mother of His Son, the second person of the Trinity, our Redeemer. Her fiat made it all possible. No one can honour Mary more than God did, so never be afraid of praying to her and asking for her aid.

  1. Yes, she is Queen of Heaven and is there.

  2. Yes, you are praying for her intercession on your behalf so you are asking her to pray to God for you. The Rosary is also not just a prayer to Mary but also to God as evidenced by its containing Our Fathers, Glory Bes, a Creed, and meditations on the life of Christ.

  3. Protestants who claim this are mistaken and do not understand we are not worshipping Mary but instead asking her to please pray to God for us and also praying to God ourselves.


Wherever her Son is, you’ll find Mary close by. :slight_smile:

Why is Mary important? Because of who her son was. Jesus is King, right? In Hebrew culture, the mother of the King is the Queen.

What does the Rosary meditate on? The Annunciation, where Mary says yes and conceives Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Visitation, where St. John the Baptist recognizes the approach of his Savior, Jesus, while both were still in utero. The Nativity, where Jesus is born. The Presentation, where Jesus is offered in the Temple. The Finding in the Temple, where Jesus tries to start his Father’s work. The Baptism, where Jesus is baptized and is ready to start his ministry, for real this time. The Wedding at Cana, where Jesus performed his first miracle. The Proclamation of the Kingdom, where Jesus preached. The Transfiguration, where Peter, James, and John were allowed to glimpse his Divinity, before he was crushed in his Humanity. The Institution of the Eucharist, where Jesus institutes the Eucharist and Holy Orders. Jesus prays in the garden. Jesus is scourged at the pillar. Jesus is crowned with thorns. Jesus carries his cross. Jesus dies on the cross. Jesus rises from the dead. Jesus ascends to heaven. The Holy Spirit descends. Oh, and Mary is assumed into heaven, and Mary is crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth.

So, there’s a whole lot of Jesus in the rosary, because that’s Mary’s whole job: to lead people closer to her Son. People who think it’s idolatry don’t quite grasp that. They totally miss the point that the whole reason why Mary has any significance at all, or received the amazing graces that she did, were because of the unique role she was to play in human history.


She is in Heaven. She was taken up to Heaven alive.

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I guess Protestants think that we worship Mary as someone equal to God, which she isn’t equal to God (father, son, Holy Spirit) because she isn’t are creator.

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is Mary in heaven?

where else would she be? :slight_smile:


Is Mary considered a saint?

Yes, the greatest of all the saints

And She is the Queen of Earth. She alone can do nothing without it coming from God. She never has and never will be equal with Father, Son, Holy Spirit but She is the Daughter of God, The Mother of The Son and The Spouse of the Holy Spirit so She has a special connection with all 3 and always will. God chose her among all women to carry and be the Earthly Mother of His Son, Jesus lived with Her for 33 years as Her Son and by the power of the Holy Spirit She conceived of the Son of God.

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Can you give me a website document for this. I’m in an argument with a Protestant who said she wasn’t

Also there are sources in the Wiki article on her

Good luck convincing the Protestant, they often just ignore our attempts to correct their misconceptions about the Blessed Mother.


Yes She’s right there by Her Son as She always was.

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Wasn’t a saint or wasn’t in heaven?

Wait, HE makes the claim, HE needs to back it up. It will be very interesting to see how somebody can prove somebody else is NOT in Heaven. God gives him personal updates perhaps?


She also is claiming we worship statues of Mary because we “bow down to them” any good rebuttals???

We do not worship statues of Mary or anyone else.
The statue is just a pretty reminder of Jesus, Mary or whoever we pray to.

If we have a picture of our mom in our home and we look at it and smile and say Hi Mom we are not saying Hi to the picture. We are saying Hi to our Mom in our head and the picture is just a reminder of her. Or if a man has a picture of his wife and he is away at war and misses her and gives her picture a kiss or her letter a kiss, he isn’t loving the picture or letter, he’s thinking of his wife. The statue is like that, a reminder.

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Thanks! But I can see her commenting “ok you make a good point Joseph, but bowing down to a reminder is making it more of a reminder.”

Yes, the Virgin Mary is in heaven body and soul.

Yes, we can pray to her for her intercession before the Throne of King Jesus.

The Protestants who say Marian devotion is idolatry say so because they have been misled or deceived into various anti-Marian heresies and severed themselves from traditional Christian orthopraxis.

The Blessed Virgin Mary’s Assumption is hinted at and implied in the Bible, but not explicitly taught. But that’s okay - neither is the Trinity or the hypostatic union or the biblical canon explicitly taught in Scripture. These all come from Sacred Tradition, which in fact is where Scripture comes from - Scripture is part of Sacred Tradition. Scripture organically grew in the bosom of the Church, it was transmitted and safeguarded by the Church, it was Canonized by the Church.

No Catholic Church = no Bible.

I would recommend you stop reading Protestant literature if you have been, including Protestant websites. Read and study Catholic sources, stay away from Protestant stuff until your understanding of Catholic teaching is deep enough that you can refute errant Protestant views and separate truth from untruth when reading Protestant material.

The New Testament does not explicitly mention the eternal destiny of the Virgin Mary. It does list her among those who were praying together with the apostles after Jesus’ ascension. (Acts 1:14) Although she in not explicitly named, some understand the uniquely-arrayed woman seen in heaven in Revelation 12 to be the Virgin Mary because the woman’s son seems to be Jesus Christ, based on his description in that and in chapter 19.

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A person is only worshiping a statue if they believe the person is WITHIN the statue. It’s like a carrying a picture of someone around in your pocket as a remembrance. We don’t worship any statues because when we look at them we don’t think of the statue, we think of Mary, the actual Mary. It only matters what’s in a person’s heart.

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