Is Mary now the "Lady of All Nations"?


I was hoping someone could tell me what the official status of the “Lady of All Nations” apparitions / movement was as far as the Church is concerned. To clarify, I’m referring to several pamphlets I’ve seen in churches with a picture of Mary standing in front of the Cross, standing on the globe. I think it’s tied to some visions to a Dutch woman in the 1950s. For more info, here’s the website:
Does the Church recognize this? Are we allowed to believe it? Also, I would like to hear some personal opinions on it. From what I know, it sounds legit. Mary (or the woman in the apparitions) is pleading with the world to come back to Jesus. Sounds fine to me!


I’ve wondered about this myself lately. On that prayer card it refers to her as “the Lady of all Nations who once was Mary.” This just doesn’t make sense to me. Even if she were given the title of Lady of all Nations it doesn’t mean that she’s no longer Mary. I’m assuming that what the author of the prayer card meant was that while Mary was once lowly as the peasant girl she has now been exalted. That ought to be clarified though. Personally I believe in the apparitions and there are absolutely no restrictions to believing in them. But we don’t have to believe in them because they were private revelation.



Unfortunately whenever I hear *the Lady of all Nations who once was Mary *I immediately think of the singer who once was Sting. :rolleyes:


On May 31, 1996 Bishop Henrik Bomers and his auxiliary Bishop Josef Punt in an ecclesiastical letter, officially approved the public veneration of Our Mother under the title of the Lady of All Nations.


If you want to learn more about this Marian apparition, I can recommend this book:

A Scientist Researches Mary, Mother of All Nations
By Professor Courtenay Bartholomew, M.D.

Product Code: 3801
© 1999, Queenship Publishing, Goleta CA Professor Bartholomew compiles yet another fascinating research on Mary, now under the title, Mother of All Nations. He covers Creation and the Fall of the Angels as well as the Old Testament and Great Women of the Bible. He takes us through the New Testament beginning with Mary’s Fiat and Suffering. Professor Bartholomew also covers the four previous Marian Dogmas and many apparitions of our Blessed Mother from Our Lady of Guadalupe through Amsterdam and Akita.

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