Is Mary the Queen of Heaven?

I thought Mary was called the Queen of Heaven because she was the mother of Jesus who was a Davidic King and the mother of the king was the queen. So is she the Queen just because she is his mother or is she the Queen because Jesus has no wife? If is the later wouldn’t Jesus’s wife be the church?

You are correct. Mary is a Queen in the Davidic queen mother sense. If you read the historical books of the Bible, you will see that many times the lists of Israel’s and Judah’s kings include the king’s name, and then the name of his queen mother. She was that important. The Queen Mother’s job was to listen to petitions from the people, talk to the King about them and plead the case of those needing help, and advising the King on all sorts of matters.

The wife of Jesus, the King of Heaven, is the Church. (King’s wife was a different royal position in Israel, although obviously a very honorable one.) The Church is also the mother of the royal children (ie, those of us who are members of the Church), “giving birth” to us through Baptism, and raising us by teaching us about Jesus.

Ideally, the queen mother and the king’s wife would be a team, supporting the Davidic kingship and the whole country. Obviously there’s no rivalry between the Church and Mary. (How could Mary not love her Son’s Body? How could His Body not love His mom?)

The mother of the King is the Queen Mother. Jesus is the King of Kings.

She is also alluded to as the Queen of Heaven in chapter 12 of the Apocalypse:

“A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.”

Mary = daughter of God the Father // wife of God the Spirit // mother of God the Son. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

You mean the Book of Revelation?

The Greek title is Apokalypsis, and it is frequently called the Apocalypse of John (as opposed to The Book of Revelation).

“Gebirah” is the word for the Queen who is the Mother of the King. It’s a good word to Google. :slight_smile:

Suppose Solomon had 400 wives and 300 concubines… who would he choose to be his queen? So many unions were political in nature… who was it okay to offend by not-choosing? Isn’t it a whole lot more straightforward (and theoretically/relatively safe) to align yourself with your mother (who is presumably most loyal to her son)? How often does the king owe his throne to his mother’s efforts to place him there? And wouldn’t she have a whole lot of experience, from years of dwelling in that kind of politically-charged environment, that would give her the qualities needed to be a trusted advisor.

So, the same thing is true for Mary. She was given the graces she needed to be the Mother of God. If you’ve been prepared to be Mother of God, can you think of anyone more qualified to be Queen of the Universe, if Jesus is King?

If you’re interested in the Jesus-as-Bridegroom, you might try giving Brant Pitre’s book a read, which came out last year. It has a lot of awesome things to unpack.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace. His mother is the Queen.

Like the royal family in England. The Queen. And her princes, Prince Harry etc…

Helpful analogy?

I feel like this analogy could be harmful, as the Queen of England has authority and rulership over her son’s. Jesus is King, and Mary is his subject, even if she is his mother and the Queen Mother. Titles are titles of course, but the comparison to England’s monarchy may lead to incorrect conclusions.

Bad analogy.

The British Queen is the sovereign, and so has authority over her subjects, including the Prince of Wales. There is no British equivalent to the Queen Mother of the Old Testament.

Mary is Queen (gebirah) because she is the mother of the King, but the King himself is sovereign. In fact, one king (Asa of Judah) deposed his [grand]mother from the position of gebirah for idolatry, which indicates it was not a merely hereditary position, but an office in the Israelite court.

Yep, kings could have multiple wives, but they only have one mother. And the King of Kings only had one mother.

well said. :thumbsup:

Mary is the Mother of the King, which makes her the Queen Mother. It is NOT because Jesus has no human wife. Hypothetically, even if Jesus did have a human wife, Mary, his Mother would still be the Queen of Heaven.

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