Is Mass a requirement to fulfill keeping the Sabboth day holy

I just read about another forum member who had a mass in which they made up their own creed and instead of homilies stage plays, showcase, talents, have youth bless infirmary and on.
Personally, I’d pray at home if there was not another church to go to and probably would spend more time praying on Sunday alone than I would going to the mass then.
So, is it a core requirement to go to mass, or can one keep it holy in their own way, or would they be committing a sin by rejecting attending a mass that is not solemn and reverent or following how the liturgy should be done.

Under canon law, one is required to go to Mass on every Holy Day of Obligation (including all Sundays) if possible. “But I don’t wanna” and “But I don’t like it” are, sad to say, not valid excuses. Nor is, “But I’ve exercised my own judgment, and figured out a different, better way of keeping the day holy than the Church has prescribed.”

Dear Snowbee,

As a learning Catholic you should also be learning the importance of going to Mass and worshiping our Wonderful and Merciful God. The priest celebrating the Mass is most qualified in leading you through the various phases of the Mass and hopfully you will be receiving communion, Jesus’ body, blood, soul and divinity, and that is most important for your soul and building your treasure in Heaven.

Please invest your energy in going to Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation as well as receving those Sacraments in which you are qualified to receive. The Mass is the highest form of prayer there is.

Good Luck and God Bless.

The Mass is the essential requirement because the Lord’s Day is about, well, the Lord. The Sabbath was about the Lord. The reason why God mandated “rest” on the Sabbath was because during this day, his people could freely worship Him. That is why Jesus said that He was the Lord of the Sabbath. Obviously, the Day of Resurrection (Sunday) moved the focus from the seventh day, but, the prescriptions are still the same.

I understand your concerns about the abuses committed during the Mass. The faithful have the right to a properly celebrated Mass. That is not in doubt. If you have a car, you are not necessarily bound to attend Mass in your home parish. You can go elsewhere. But, you cannot simply stay at home and do your own thing.

Can. 1248 §1. A person who assists at a Mass celebrated anywhere in a Catholic rite either on the feast day itself or in the evening of the preceding day satisfies the obligation of participating in the Mass.

§2. If participation in the eucharistic celebration becomes impossible because of the absence of a sacred minister or for another grave cause, it is strongly recommended that the faithful take part in **a liturgy of the word **if such a liturgy is celebrated in a parish church or other sacred place according to the prescripts of the diocesan bishop or that they devote themselves to prayer for a suitable time alone, as a family, or, as the occasion permits, in groups of families.

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