Is Medicaid and CHIP same as the Obamacare?

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A simple question. Is Medicaid and CHIP same as the Obamacare?


No, all three are different types of things, the first is government health insurance for poor people, the second is the means via which the federal government matches state funds for the first one and what is colloquially known as Obamacare is a federal statute.

Ok, thanks!

Medicaid and CHIP are federal-state partnership programs, so they are governed by both federal and state law.

Medicaid is a safety net program for low-income individuals, traditionally pregnant women, children, and individuals with disabilities.

For children above Medicaid income eligibility levels, there is CHIP, which is slightly different in coverage than Medicaid, but usually covers up to around 250% FPL (depending upon your state).

There were major changes to Medicaid and CHIP included in the ACA, most notably the optional adult expansion group. There were also changes to eligibility processes and certain types of coverage.

The ACA has over 450 different provisions and tens of thousands of pages of regulations. If it involves health insurance or health care coverage, it was likely impacted by the ACA.


ok, thank you.

What do you mean by ‘Obamacare?’ If you mean the Affordable Care Act, then the Medicaid expansion is part of Obamacare.

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