Is metal music really evil?

After seeing this post I can’t lie, I’ve been deeply disturbed. As a listener of post-hardcore, heavy rock, screamo, etc. music myself, I have found this quite upsetting. Is there any evidence to back this guy up? Are there really subliminal satanic sounds? Is it the artist intentionally doing this or is it a natural effect of the music? And, most importantly, why is screamo worse than rap or pop? Pop and rap in most cases glorify sex, drugs, and alcohol among other things such as wild partying and filthy dancing, many of which elements are not present in rock. Why does the guitar and the tone of voice a metal vocalist uses make his music satanic? I find this odd considering many post-hardcore bands are Christian, such as Blessthefall and The Devil Wears Prada.

Although a lot of people argue that sounds are morally neutral, playing any roleplaying game (or listening to classical music) should disavow you of that notion. Even the ancients were aware of the fact that music is a language itself. Final Fantasy VII would fall apart without the unspoken words of its music. That being said, if there are aggressive or sad psalms, classical pieces, and so on, I wouldn’t worry too much about all that. So long as it’s sinless, it’s fine. Now, some angry stuff obviously crosses the line, but anger itself is NOT always sinful. And depressive stuff? Moazart’s Requiem, the Dies Irae chant, nuff said. Christians today like to be “cleaner” than has ever been seen as necessary in even biblical times. I don’t know why, but oh well. But no, rock on. And by the way, PM me if you want to learn of some Christian Death and Black Metal bands.

No. Heavy Metal is not evil.

Allow me to go through his entire post:

  1. I cannot find any corroboration of this statistic. Anywhere.
  2. Who is this guy and WHY is he convinced that Heavy Metal has caused suicide? The poster offers no explanation. Just an assertion. Weak.

So listen to Metal that doesn’t have “self-destructive lyrics.”

there is another kind of danger attached to heavy metal music which involves the extreme volume (110 decibels or more) of the music,

So listen to Metal at less than 110 decibels, or take other precautions (eagplugs, etc.)

combined with stroboscopic lights

I’m not even sure what kinds of lights those are. I’ve been to 20+ Heavy Metal concerts and festivals with popular bands and underground bands as well and have never had any problem with the lights. Nor has anyone who attended with me.

Obviously, if you’re not going to concerts you don’t even have to worry about this. But even if you are going to such concerts, again, I see no cause for concern.

and the used of drugs

So, don’t use drugs. Duh.

or alcohol which can, because of the excessive stimulation of the mix, cause irreversible brain damage.

Alcohol is fine in moderation.

the increase of adrenaline in the bloodstream can cause the music to be physically addictive.

What is the purpose of this statement? Many things increase adrenaline. Non-Metal music may increase one’s adrenaline. Sports do. Non-sporting exercise does. Meeting a potential mate may do this. Having sex with one’s spouse may. Watching a baby be born may.

So what? Nothing wrong with any of those things.

And according to one researcher,


music that is “consecrated” to the devil has a powerful rhythm that not only mimics the sexual act, but is also 7 decibels higher than our nervous systems can tolerate.

What a weird, random assertion.

What does it mean for music to be “consecrated” to the devil?

Where is the proof that Heavy Metal, by virtue of its genre alone, is “consecrated” to the devil?

What does it mean for music to “mimic” the sexual act, why would that be bad if it did, and what exactly is wrong with the sexual act?

What the heck does the 7 decibel claim mean? No genre of music has a higher decibel level than any other genre of music. I can blow out my ears listening to country western, or I can put Heavy Metal on a volume of 3/10 on my speakers.

He must be referring to concerts, in which case, where is the comparison to concerts of other genres? Yes, concerts are loud. All concerts are loud.

What does it mean for a decibel level to be “higher” than can be tolerated?

And why, why in the Lord would an “above tolerable decibel level” translate into being “evil”?

This music brings forth a kind of “depression, rebellion and aggressiveness”

Speaks for himself. If that’s how he feels, fine. It uplifts me.

Who is this guy to decide what music is depressing or not for everyone else? Who made him the only one who gets to decide this?

Furthermore, what is “evil” about a song being “depressing” (many excellent classical pieces are contemplative/melancholy, nothing wrong with that).

What does it mean for a song to be “rebellious”?

What does it mean for a song to be “aggressive” and why is that “evil”? Are sports “evil”? Many sports require aggressiveness. Is business “evil”? Same. Is courting “evil”? Same. And so on and so on.

and uses subliminal signals that are transmitted at too high of a pitch for human hearing to pick up on, yet capable of being picked up by the subconscious mind.

Where is the proof? Again, mere assertion.

I’m tired. Those claims were ridiculous and unsubstantiated. Heavy Metal is not evil.

I have no direct opinion on this matter yes or no because I’m an old geezer and quit paying attention to “new” music when the Eagles went “disco” with the Long run album…:smiley:

However…In evaluating my own history and the music of my generation (sixties and seventies) and my time away from the Church, I have to say that it was not a positive influence. Setting aside the idea of subliminal messages and sounds…there was simply a lot of negative in the music itself.
After I returned to the Church I looked at my old albums and CD’s and found that songs that I use to really enjoy, I could no longer stand to listen to and I wondered how I could have “bought into” this being good.

Maybe I’m just getting too old…

But my bottom line is that I don’t fees such music is spiritually healthy in general - and that includes Rap…


Depends entirely on the artist & song. Metal in and of itself is not bad. There are bad bands, but there are good bands too - I can list quite a few of them.

So an anonymous poster on CAF paraphrases a priest paraphrasing some psychiatrist who is “convinced” (though with no assertion of any evidence), and we’re supposed to take that as fact? Sorry, no can do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Note that the poster in quoting the psychiatrist speaks of “satanic rock music”. The poster then goes on and shifts the condemnation solely to heavy metal. Why? Who knows. :shrug: He offers no explanation or justification.

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