Is Mimicking a Priest's Accent Sacrilege

  1. The Priest is from Ireland

  2. Irish People have a distinct accent

  3. I attempt to speak in this accent when I talk about this Priest, or recount something he said or might say to me. Not with malice, I just do it and I sometimes mimic people who have distinctive traits, I have since I was a kid.

  4. Have I committed Sacrilege or am I absurd?



So I guess the correct answer is…absurd :slight_smile:


What if one has icons in one’s room and commits a sin of impurity. What about that?


One should probably discuss one’s propensity to see sin and sacrilege at every turn with one’s priest.

Sacrilege is something someone does TO a holy object-- like stomping on it, defacing it, etc.


I doubt the mere presence of icons makes one’s bedroom a “sacred place” per the its use in 1ke’s link on sacrilege.


Trust me, I have. Although I did read at another source that basically stated that ridiculing, mocking, and abusing members of the clergy can also be sacrilege because often the animosity is directed towards the Church that they represent. Although, I don’t think this is true in my case since I: (1) Did not mean to deride this person; (2) love the Church and will do what is necessary to support her; (3) did not really think about what I was doing, like I said it is kind of a habit of mine (which I need to work on).


Judging from the link, I don’t see anything that says “personal sacrilege” could be referring to someone mocking a priest’s accent.

I think it’s good that you’re questioning your actions, though. Deep down you must see something wrong with it. Question yourself as to your motives for doing it: To make others laugh? To show off your mimicry skills? These might fall under pride.

Even if you’ve done it since you were a kid, maybe it’s time to grow up now, before you hurt someone’s feelings. It’s kind of childish and rude. (Same goes for anyone who’s laughing at your antics.)

God bless you.

Edit: I vote absurd.


When I would go to a neighboring parish for daily mass in the evenings a few months ago, there was a Irish priest with a thick accent. I would Copy his accent sometimes. I would try to say “In the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit” exactly like he did. I did it because I though his accent was cool and I liked him because he gave great homilies and always celebrated The Mass with great reverence. I jus plain liked the guy and wanted to see if I could sound like him. I don’t think that is Sacrilege. If he were to have personally told me that I was offending him, I would have stopped because that was not my intention but I think he would have been cool with it. You say mimicking people is something you have been doing since you were a kid. Its something you do. As long as it is not done to be mean, I don’t see how it can be a sin. You are not purposely making fun of him, right? Then don’t worry about it. You can always stop if it still bothers you for some reason.


Remember that your body is a Temple of the Holy Spirit, so whether one has icons in the room is not the point.


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