Is Mississippi Racist, Toothless and Idiotic? Bill Maher Video Shows State's Beliefs

Is Mississippi, the most conservative and poorest state in America, racist, toothless and idiotic?

Alexandra Pelosi, filmmaker and daughter of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), shot a short video for Friday’s episode Bill Maher’s HBO show “Real Time” about Mississippi voters that featured state residents stereotypical of the American South.

Among them were a tooth-challenged man complaining about the government yet adamant that he is entitled to food stamps; an older gentleman wearing a trucker hat who says he can’t stand the president “because his name’s Obama” and is a “half-breed;’” a younger man who says Obamacare is “retarded” but concedes that the poor people of his state are in need of healthcare; and a man who declares “the South will rise again.”

I thought it was particularly interesting that Nancy Pelosi’s daughter is involved in this kind of journalism, and that she works with Bill Maher.

I wonder if the video showed how Obama Care would actually expand health care to the poor?

It’s good to show outliers. It shows you’re a seasoned, logical film maker.

^ lol.

I think Mississippi should sue this filmmaker for making such a defamatory video about its citizens.

What is he hoping to accomplish by making this video? To educate these poor souls? To cut them off of food stamps? To get people to hate the entire state of Mississippi? I just don’t get it.

This is what I was talking about when it comes to hatred. It leads to blindness to the truth. The people featured in the video hate Obama, and this filmmaker hates the entire state of Mississippi. Lovely. :rolleyes:

:smiley: This made me choke on my coffee, but I believe the truly PC term you’re looking for is “dentally-challenged”.

In any case, I saw that clip. There were only a couple humorous parts. Ms. Pelosi insists that she didn’t cherry pick which clips were put in the footage, and that HBO will be posting the entire, unedited video soon (I wouldn’t bet on it, though). Mr. Maher also said that in a couple weeks they’ll be doing the same to a very urban part of the country.

“He who exalts himself will be humbled” Bill who?

Also, I interpreted “he’s a half breed” completely differently than what seems to be the common assumption.

Ms Pelosi asks the man “Why don’t you like him, is it because he’s black?”

to which the man says: “No, it’s not because he’s black, because he’s a half-breed. He’s black, too, but he’s a half-breed”. I didn’t take this to mean that he’s citing the president’s mixed race as a reason for his dislike, rather he denying the claim due to Obama also being white. It’s much more apparent when you actually watch the footage and see that the man’s voice is taken aback at the beginning of this response as if he’s surprised to even being asked it. I don’t think he was being racist.

I’m not following… what is the non-racist reason?

Hating someone because their of mixed-race descent is almost the text book definition of racism:rolleyes:

Maher lacks an ounce of decency. Let’s drive to Mississippi and laugh at the poor in their shantys. This guy is complete trash.

I am shocked and appalled that any Catholic would willingly view and listen to Bill Maher. He is easily the successor to the late George Carlin as the most vicious anti-Catholic comedian on television!
By being part of his audience all of you viewers are aiding and abetting his filthy drivel;
and don’t give me that he is just doing satire and social commentary! He is in a league with Josef Goebels and some Southern Evangelist Preachers as an anti-Catholic rabbel rouser…the difference being that Maher aims his dreck at pseudo intellectuals and college students, instead of the common people.

According to the US Census Bureau, nearly 40 percent of Mississippi is black.

I haven’t clicked on the article or anything, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and presume there are no toothless, racist, idiotic black people in it?

It’s probably best not to watch Maher. Don’t give people like that any of your time and attention.

Personally, I long ago gave up on television, movies, newspapers and magazines. I listen to some Catholic radio, surf the web, read library books and pray to God. I think I’m much better off without any form of msm.

If you watch the msm, you’re just letting somebody else do all of your selecting for you. I can select things of interest all by myself, thank you very much, and my life has improved as a result.

Just my :twocents:

I agree; I don’t watch him. I saw the controversial clip on Fox News.

I don’t believe he provided a reason, except “I just don’t like him”.

It’s the last part of his statement “because he’s a half-breed” that seems like a repudiation of Ms. Pelosi’s claim that the president is black, evident in his saying “He’s black too, but he’s a half breed”. It would be similar to saying “Don’t be silly, the President is part white too.”

Don’t get me wrong, “half breed” itself is such a racially insensitive term, but it doesn’t sound like he’s using the president’s race as the reason for his not liking him.

More judgments from the alleged non-judgmentalists.

Ah, hmm… maybe that is what he meant. I don’t recall getting that impression, perhaps I should watch it again, though.

So, if a conservative satirist chose to film some inner-city, drug addicted, unintelligent, African American Democrats in an effort to paint Obama supporters with a broad brush, the reaction from the Left would be…

You can go to any state and selectively pick people to put on air who will say outrageous things, I do not think it says about the state itself, in this case, Mississippi.

Alexandra Pelosi and her team probably interviewed a bunch of people, the people who spoke normally were probably left out.

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