Is Monogamy outdated?

So let me get his straight; lost of people cheat, so we should just dump monogamous relationships? This society disgusts me!

Back in the late 1960’s we were told “free love won’t destroy marriage or the family unit” now here we are around 44 years later…

I was surprised to see the comments down below ripping the author a part.

Outdated? Of course not.

Right for everyone? No.

Personally, I wouldn’t live any other way but to each their own.

If monogamy is not “right” for you, that doesn’t mean rampant promiscuity is. This kind of attitude is so much a part of why our country is in such decline. The moral landscape does have an effect on the economic situation of a country, whether the moral relativists among us want to believe it or not. I think Rome is more than abundant proof of that.

The facts are the facts: before the advent of birth control and the “sexual revolution” and the consequent increase in premarital and extra-marital sex and promicuity, there were 3 common STDs. There are now in excess of 25. Teen/illegitimate pregnancy rates are higher. The divorce rate skyrocketed. Families broken. Psychiatrists couches have filled up. Population growth is at a virtual standstill if not in decline; the emotional growth of generations raised in and after the sexual revolution has been stunted: witness the number of 20-30somethings still living at home.

It seems pretty paradoxical for secularists so obsessed with “progress” to be hell bent on an agenda that attempts to revert mankind to his animalistic impulses.

As for the sentiment of “to each their own,” I think I’ll leave the reply to one of the greatest minds in history:

“Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.” - Aristotle


There isn’t any evidence that sex is responsible for the fall of the Roman Empire.

I don’t know that that is true. Monagomy is a relatively recent social construct that developed perhaps as late as the 19th century. Prior to that time it was commonly accepted, expected, or both that relationships and even marriages would not be monogamous.

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