Is montrance required for Eucharistic Adoration?

In our parish, a large host is used for Adoration (the kind that is sometimes used at mass and can be broken in several smaller pieces). A triangular block of wood is placed atop our box-shaped tabernacle on a side alter. The top angle of the piece of wood has a small slit cut into it about 1/2" deep. Each week, the parish secretary places the Host in this slit where it is almost completely exposed to the open air. The Host is not always well-centered and gives the appearance it is about to fall.

Is a monstrance required for exposition of the Eucharist? Every resource I’ve checked regarding rules for Eucharistic Adoration assume a monstrance is being used and never state if it is a must.

redemptionis sacramentum

[137.] Exposition of the Most Holy Eucharist must always be carried out in accordance with the prescriptions of the liturgical books.

As you stated, the use of a monstrance is essentially assumed to be present at all times in the documents regarding adoration. There is literally no other option presumed to be used or presumed to be valid. Therefore it seems obvious that the method of exposition that you describe is not in accordance with the liturgical books.

In addition, having the Eucharist exposed in such a manner risks elements of the air corrupting it, the disrespect of the sacred host falling on ground, and also increases the potential for someone to desecrate the host.

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