Is Mormonism Condemned?

I know it’s an absolutely crazy religion. But aren’t they going to heaven? I mean the articles of faith for the latter-day saints states that they accept Christ as the Son of God and savior of the world. So how bout it guys? Is their church a highway to heaven? Or not?

Seeing that they deny the Trinity. They also hold other beliefs that are not compatible with Christianity.

The Christ they believe in is not the same Christ that Christians believe in, so I would say that the jury is out on this.

We can not say who will go to or who is in Heaven, except for the Saints, just as we can not say who will go to or who is in Hell.

But the articles of faith clearly acknowlege the Trinity.

How is their Christ not the same Christ as our Christ? Care to elaborate?

They do not believe that there are three persons in one God.

They believe that God the Father has a body and a Heavenly wife and their son is Jesus.

They believe that God the Father was once a man who achieved his Godhead just as Jesus did and just as we all can do.

Their beliefs are not Christian and they are not recognized as a Christian sect by most Christian bodies.

Their baptism is not considered valid by the Catholic Church due to their thought of what baptism is and their view of the Trinity.

Where do you get these resources? Are these still founded in the Mormon church?

What’s there view on Baptism that differs from ours?

Wait, so are you saying Baptists now accept Mormonism as Christianity? :confused:

I don’t really think that’s our call. And I think not!:tsktsk:

My shenanigan meter is going off.

I think I will stop feeding this thread.

sigh Actually, the more I think about this, the more I think I’m being selfish. I can’t speak for all Baptists, but the church of LDS is a Christ based church. And really, the only place I’ve heard all of this outlandish stuff about as to how God was once a man is just hear say from Catholics. I think It’d be best to hear it from a Mormon.

I gotta get me one of these…:shrug:

Please look up the King Follett Discourse by Joseph Smith Jr. (founder of Mormonism). A number of Mormons have stated repeatedly that they believe that God the Father was a man that lived on an earth, however they interpret this as being akin to Jesus Christ living on this earth, in that He was still fully divine and sinless while on earth. So, if the Father lived on an earth, He too was fully divine and sinless. This obviously begs many questions.

This is why Mormons will say that the Father is an “exalted man”, that both He and the Son have “resurrected bodies of flesh and bones”, etc.

Yes, Mormons do believe that the Father is married to the “Heavenly Mother”, and that we are all offspring of “Heavenly Parents”, including Jesus Christ, the first born.

I think that much as I believe the JW are being misled, so are the Mormons. But I believe in God is Merciful, so I think condemning is too strong a word, kwim?

Mormons will gladly admit that they have a different understanding of the Trinity, one that accepts three deities with one purpose.

Well I used the word “condemn” because the Book of Mormon is called another testamony of Jesus Christ. And Galatians 1:8 specifically says,
“But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned!”
Of course, I don’t know if that includes the followers.

I would say that J.S. himself might have been condemned if he didn’t repent of his great sin of creating a document that would mislead millions of people.

Brainwashing is a powerful tool…I’m thinking of a particular Mormon who really can’t see the absurdities in her beliefs (while she slipped away for a year, she freely admitted how ridiculous some of the things were she went through, and the extent to which she felt violated). Her husband was busted having an affair, and to hold her to him, he threatened to take the kids away through the church, and she went back to the church. Yes, she had a choice, but I’m not sure how much free will she really had as someone who was abused. I’d hate to think that she’d be condemned, kwim?

But as I said, I think He’s merciful…so maybe even ole’ JS is in heaven (maybe that’d be his purgatory…surrounded by all his wives who know now better!).

Peace Be With You!

hi mrzetterlund. mormonism is a false religion. but then again, we have some pretty crazy protestant sects also. i believe the Lord is the final judge of our salvation. not man. not even ourselves. we shouldnt think too highly of ourselves lest we fall.peace:)

I believe Mormonism is condemned. I don’t believe Mormons are condemned. The only way to heaven is through the ministry of the Catholic Church, but that can reach beyond those who are baptized Catholic in this life.

This is where I believe Bendict continues to be out of line with the Magisterium. There is a reason why the Catholic Catechism and the Magisterium considers Protestants to be separated brethrens. How can anyone honestly compare historic confessional Protestantism with Mormonism? I personally find it extremely offensive. We share many of the same historic creeds as Catholics and Protestants. In addition, there has been work done by Catholics and Protestants alike in ecumenicism like ECT 1, and ECT II.

Protestants and Catholic share many of the historic creeds:

I know many people tend to throw any denomination that isn’t Catholic into the Protestant pile and that includes Mormonism.

But you are very right 2ndAdam. Mormons aren’t Protestants either, and they would be the first to admit that.

They are a denomination unto themselves.
With their belief in the Great Apostasy they see themselves as the RESTORED church, not a REFORMED church.

It’s why they reject ALL baptisms that are not their own.

This is what stresses me out the most about Mormonsim. But what worries me is that I think the only reason they believe this stuff is basically because their mindset is “hey, I believe in a giant boat, Jewish zombies, and a giant sky daddy, so I don’t see why this is too far fetched.”:shrug:
But we actually have apologetics that are pretty darn good at making arguments for such things.
Giant boat= Archeology sight in Mount Ararat.
Jewish zombie= Shroud of Turin.
Sky Daddy= C’mon! Even Richard Dawkins admitts the genome has somewhat of a signature of creation! He admitted it when being interviewed by Ben Stein!
Apologetics for LDS explain how ancient Native Americans would have “rode into battle” on horses by suggesting that maybe they confused deer with horses. That beeing because Natives didn’t know what a horse was until white men showed up. (they thought we were apart of the horse at first.)
Anyway, my point being is I wonder if we should be worried about this religion and if it’s heading away from Christ or not.

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