Is Muhammad in the Bible?


Because that was added by people! It was not from God. God do not reveal anything about trinue nature! God is one and unique in essence and personality. That is taught in OT and NT. One God!


I love how the only defense anyone like you can give is to claim that it was added in later by people, and isn’t what the NT actually says.

That’s not a defense, it’s an assertion, and it’s one that’s readily falsifiable, as we have Early Church Fathers who all attest to the belief in the triune God.


Inform your friend that the biblical text clearly refers to the Spirit.

Muhammad was an Arabian warlord that invented a religion because he didn’t have money to pay for soldiers, so he invented a new “heaven” for them. This is why Muslim heaven for males is much more developed than heaven for females. Arabian females, by and large, didn’t participate in large-scale war.

In order to avoid internal consistency issues, he didn’t write it down. Whatever he said was the law and there was nothing to use to proof his word. His immediate successors wrote it down piecemeal after he died.

But you have to give him credit. His new war-religion made it possible for an Arabian backwater to conquer North Africa, the Middle East, Persia and make large strides into Europe from the east and west.


S. Paul was not a prophet. Or he did not get revelation from God.

The Trinue God issue was emerged later and was not taught by first followers and apostles of Jesus. Gospels(John, Mattew…) are evidences of that.


But we didn’t! God revealed Himself as Trinue, we didn’t come up with it, and we have never said that we are a polytheistic religion! We affirm that there is only one God and always have been! If the Catholic Church is merely based on human principles, on the human idea of a polytheistic god, then it should be so easy to find it – to find that one statement where the Catholic Church claims to obey three gods. I doubt you’d say Allah is ignorant or unable to recite the entirety of the writings of the Early Church Fathers word-per-word. But such a statement does not exist. Such a statement has been in fact condemned. And yet the Quran claims that is what we hold to be true. That is what Allah supposedly said we hold to be true. And yet that statement is nowhere to be found in Christianity’s own claims.


The spirit was recorded in Acts which was written immediately after Luke.

It’s literally a core belief of the 1st generation church.

The only reason it’s taught by Muslims that it wasn’t an early belief is because their prophet, Muhammad, incorrectly identified the members of the Christian trinity simply because he didn’t know what he was talking about. And rather than saying a 7th century Arabian warlord was wrong about a theological topic within a religion he didn’t hold, it’s somehow easier for them to say that the entire religion and history itself was wrong instead.


This position has been refuted, repeatedly.

St. Paul was an Apostle, who received revelation directly from Christ, and was then instructed by the other Apostles. There is evidence of Christ’s direct claims to Divinity in the other Gospels, if you’re only willing to actually listen to him and the scholarly work that’s been done on the subject.

Mohammad didn’t have the slightest idea what he was talking about. He was an uneducated warlord who only started a religion so he could excuse his sexual immorality and fuel his bloodlust. Seven hundred years after the fact he claimed to know better than the people who directly knew Christ. That would be like me saying I know St. Joan of Arc better than her neighbors… it’s not a rationally coherent position to hold, and you only believe him because of your faith, not because of any actual rational reason.


Do you know that the most important aim in Islam is to gain approval of God. That is something superior on Heavens!

Male or female there are for everyone in Heavens. But it is more right to talk about just males in customs.

Every issue in Islam is rational as logical.


The problem is that Jesus was not God! So that assertion is not valid.


Unless Jesus IS god was, in which case it is a valid assertion. Your argument is circular, your proof is contingent on your claim.


I completely agree.

Males did the fighting, so it was very important to portray Muslim heaven as a male-friendly place. Perpetually virginal sex-angels and so on.

For women? Comfort and jewels (Of course, forgetting that when EVERYONE has jewels, they lose their value).

It’s exactly what you’d expect from a illiterate warlord who was trying to invent a heaven to appease troops because he didn’t have money to pay them.


Just investigate what Muhammad taught. You can find every useful knowledge for mankind.


Except for what Christianity actually teaches.


You are so rough. So why do you believe in Jesus? (I believe in Jesus and I know for what!)


I have investigated it, and it is tripe.

I can’t say what I think fully of it here, because I will be banned, but suffice it to say that I believe Mohammad is one of, if not the, single most evil human beings to ever live. He has led millions, if not billions, of souls to ruin through his false teachings, and is responsible for more explicitly-religious violence than all the other religions of history combined.

The only reason his religion took hold is because if promised its devotees unlimited worldly pleasures if only they’d kill in his name. If you removed the promise of sexual gratification and worldly pleasures from his teachings, there isn’t a single person on Earth who would have listened to him. From there, it maintained its hold through extremely violent conquest, and the complete destruction or subjugation of anyone who disagreed.

The only positive aspects of Islam were unabashedly stolen from Christianity, and then warped by perversion and misrepresentation.


No. Perhaps except for conjectures of people which they invent for sake of their desires.


billions will have salvation for His teachings! For others?


I’m not rough, just honest.

I view Muhammad as another historical character - owed neither preferential treatment or disdain. He was a man of his time.


Like saying the Trinity is polytheistic? I agree.


You know what, I genuinely do hope that Muslims are saved. If they are it will be in spite of Mohammad, not because of him. Christ is the only path to salvation.

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