Is Muhammad in the Bible?


Well, in fairness, you probably don’t believe Jesus when he said that He and God were One.

If you walked around the more conservative spots of Iran or Saudi Arabia saying “Jesus was God, just as He said!”, you life would certainly be in danger.


Then why so philosophical efforts to reconcile that doctrine with idea of “One God”.


All Muslims believe in Jesus and there is no an exception. When Jesus say He and Father were same Jesus do not claim to be God but express that He was send and taught by Father. What Jesus preached were words from God. That is very obvious in Gospels.


Because truth isn’t always simple. Quantum physics is true. Quantum physics is also very ugly and saturated in advanced mathematics. The complexities of quantum mechanics does not make it untrue.


Jesus said that He and the Father were one. He performed signs and miracles in Gods name. He said he was going to send the Holy Spirit upon us. He said he was going to sit at the right hand of God. It was also said that Jesus existed before even the world existed.

The Jesus you believe in is not the Jesus of the Gospels. Your Jesus is more neutered and watered-down. My Jesus is a God-King.


Which is wrong. Point to actual christian practices which elevate Mary to goddesshood.

People added false facts about christianity to the Quran?

The Gospels are the source of the Trinitarian theology.

As it is with Christianity. There’s no extra merit to this.

And you can prove this…how?

False. He is very clear that He, Jesus, is God.


I am an physicist and realy it is difficult to understand that theory. That theory is some maths and probality problems to expain move, place and energies of sub-atomic particles. But everybody has no need to understand those problems. But all people need faith. Faith could be explained very easy for every mankind.


Was not Jesus a human?


Fully man and fully God.


I’ll agree with that.

I just have a problem with Islam given its textual and historical association with warfare.

In its first three centuries, Christianity came to your village on the legs of a poor evangelist.

In its first three centuries, Islam came to your village on the back of a war horse.


Salvation in Christianity is not dependent on a perfect understanding of the nature of God. You can affirm the Trinity as truth without entirely understanding it. That is faith and everyone can do that. If people can affirm that complex scientific theories are true without understanding them, so too can the same be for faith. Jesus did not praise the wise, but the childlike.


Everyone talk about war! Muhammad persuaded thousands withpout any power! Wars were just to save faith. Because Pagans make wars and use swords to destroy faith. That was something Pagans started. Muslims just retaliated.

And later…Muslims established an Islamic state. A state make wars.


A warring religious state - as Muhammad intended.

Behold! The Rashidun Caliphate a mere 30 YEARS after the death of Muhammad;


Islam was born in war and “evangelized” through war.
Islam only meant “Peace” for those that submitted to it.


But that doctrine conflict with One God. And Jesus never taught such thing. I discussed that many times. Ofcourse it is not perhaps right and easy to say someone else that “your faith is wrong”. Muslims do not say Christianity faith is totaly false. Just a point which conflict with Tawhid. Otherwise God would not notice that issue in revelation (Qur’an).

And I am very sincere that every Muslim believe in Jesus perhaps more stronger than any Christian. Not just Jesus but Moses and all others.


After Muhammad. That is what I said.

Do you know when Christianity expand? After Rome accepted. Christianity expand by power of Rome. Followers of Jesus were persecuted very much. If Christians would establish a state to save and expand faith that would be very easy.

People believe in Muhammad and Islam by heart. Nobody can get heart of people with war or force!


The map says differently. 30 years after Jesus died Christianity was still largely in Turkey and the Levant. And Christianity expanded through Rome. The Empire was already there.

Not so with the Caliphate. Holy war after holy war was made to conquer the infidels.

What was the tax on unbelievers in the Caliphate called?

The Jizya?


You have proven nothing of the sort.

The Jesus that’s convenient for them to believe in, yes. Their Jesus isn’t the real Jesus.


Says who? The Quran? Of course it does. You have no source outside of it to substantiate your claims. When we cite passages from the Bible affirming His divinity, you deny it and claim the Bible is corrupt there. Christianity is apperently so afraid of the truths Islam posits, and yet didn’t bother to corrupt or even remove the parts of the Bible that Muslims point to as predicting Mohammed (which you think would be done) along with the other chunks that were supposedly corrupted.

That same Quran claims that Christians are polytheistic, that we in fact worship three gods. You don’t accidentally worship something. The Quran accuses us of very purposefully doing so, otherwise we we wouldn’t be accused of “taking on” other gods and/or lords. The Quran provides no evidence that this conscious act is Christian doctrine. The fact is that the Quran does not accurately portray neither the Catholic view or Mary nor of the Trinity, and it is beyond strange that something written by God Himself could have such a glaring problem.


Of course not!!! Islam came 630 years after Christ.


Nope… about 300 years too soon (Nicea) for Islamic stuff.

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