Is Muhammad in the Bible?


There are many. That is just what I try to explain. Religion could be established just by God through prophets. Because God revealed prophets and lead them by Holy Spirit. But if you say that Holy Spirit run Church! Just do not try to explain me that.


Except according to Islam, there are no more prophets after Mohammad, correct? How are we to discern between who is actually a prophet and who isn’t? How many problems do you imagine would be solved in Islam if Mohammed was around? Both of us use Scripture to prove our points, but in the end, we’re just two people. People can not only ignore these interpretations, but how can people know whose is correct? That’s where the Church comes in, for both prophets and doctrine. A Church protected by God from error can discern true prophets from false ones, and can publicly declare what is true and what is false without fear of errors creeping in. This gives credibility to both the prophet and the interpretation of Scripture.

Of course I’ll tell you that! I believe that the Holy Spirit is one person of the one Triune God. As the Holy Spirit is God, and God naturally is head of the Church, so too is the Holy Spirit the head of the Church.


Gospels are not direct revelation but they are interpretation writtings of witness of Jesus life, right? So they are more likely to regard. There is no Trinity in them.

And God himself in Qur’an declare very clearly that such Trinity thought is not true.

So why I mus/should regard people’s interpretations?


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Define “direct revelation”. They are the word of God, though not written in the same way that Islam believes Mohammed did with the Quran. So no, we may not disregard them.

According to your Islamic interpretation.

Assuming God spoke through the Quran. And as I’ve written previously, it’s strange that an all-knowing God could accuse Christians of polytheism when they themselves condemn it, along with the deification of Mary.

The Church is not any one person. If the Catholic Church is correct in its claims, then it is the institution founded and protected by God Himself. To deny the Church’s authority is to deny God Himself.


If you scroll up, you’ll see that Catholics don’t really care what the Quran says. It’s nothing more than writing to us.


As a Jew, I have to say that watching Christians deal with this - Mohammed in the Bible - question does leave me with a delicious taste of schadenfreude. :wink:


Now now…Don’t be cruel!


Short answer, no.
Long answer, no no.


Thank you mhmtas, you have successfully demonstrated by this line of reasoning why Islam cannot be true either. That is of course the problem with double-edged swords.


Having reverted to a position of agnostic bordering on atheist I view it as ‘stupid answers to stupid questions’.

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