Is my baptismal certificate null and void because I am a post transsexual?


I am a post-op transsexual, (not transgendered), and had my surgery in 1972. Shortly afterward I approached my parish priest to have my baptismal certificate changed to reflect my amended status. He forwarded my request through the proper channels. In time the request came back approved and my name is properly reflected.
Since that time I have lived a Catholic life but one that is now questioned. My current parish priest does not know and almost all those that know me are not aware of my past. It is between my husband and I as I see it.
Lately I have been told by other Catholics that have gone through the same and they tell me the Catholic Church no longer changes the certificate and that mine is now null and void and I might be automatically excommunicated since I married outside of the church. I wrote to Fr Greeley and he told me that is not true and I am still a member of the Church.
**I am confused now though since I have been getting conflicting opinions. I do not want to ask my parish priest since that might just jeopardize my standing as well as void my baptismal certificate that was issued back in the 70’s. :confused: **
Would the church undo an amendment simply with the change of leadership?
Any opinions or advice would be welcome.


Dear L,

It is impossible to invalidate one’s baptism–regardless of certificate problems. For further clarification regarding your situation, log on to:

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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