Is my bible the right one


I’m trying to read the bible more. I feel it will give me some peace. I bought one from Walmart and it says version reina Valera 1960 but I don’t know if it’s a catholic bible. My mom told me that Catholics have their own bible I knew this but I don’t know if the one I bought us a catholic bible because I know there are different versions. Thanks in advance:):smiley:


I would think that if it is a Catholic Bible it would be indicated on the cover – I have several Bibles, but the one I read daily is “The One Year Bible - Catholic Edition” – you might try to look up the title on your Bible and then you might find out if it is a Catholic Bible.


The Reina Valera is a translation that’s not approved by The Church. It’s a Protestant translation that is missing the seven books that Protestant Reformers removed from their translations. Are you looking for a Spanish-language translation?


The Reina-Valera is pretty much to Spanish-speaking Protestants what the King James is to English-speaking Protestants. Like the KJV, it uses the Textus Receptus as its basis for the New Testament.


I am sorry to have to say that the Reina Valera is a protestant Bible.
Which is ok except it misses the Deuterocanonlcal texts,

You can find a spanish Bible here for free:

There are also apps for android and iphone that have the Catholic Spanish Bible.

Just make sure you choose a Catholic version as opposed to the protestant.



My understanding is that the Reina-Valera 1960 is a Protestant Bible published by the American Bible Society. I would urge you to find a different version, so that you can have the complete Scriptures.

Here’s a little bit of information on Spanish translations of the Bible.

Here’s a link to the “first official [Spanish] translation of the complete Catholic Bible… .”


My priest favors
La Biblia Catolica para Jovenes

It’s not necessarily a “children’s” Bible…it has bigger print, and many maps.
We use it for Hispanic RCIA.


Try the Douay-Rheims Bible. The language is a bit more sophisticated because it is the most accurate translation from the Latin Bible, but it is certainly Catholic. My copy even has Catholic footnotes that explain certain passages in a Catholic perspective.


Thank you everyone for your suggestions I will be buying the jovenes bible I feel it will help me understand it more. And buy another bible for the house😀


For Spanish Bibles, I would recommend the “Biblia de Navarra” which has comments written by the University of Navarre and by St. Josemaria Escriva.

It’s the Spanish translation of the English Navarre Bible series here in the US.

The “Biblia de Navarra” uses the Sagrada Biblia translation, adding the comments from the University, much like the English Navarre Bible uses the RSV-CE English translation. But unlike the English version, the Spanish version has all of the books of the Bible, plus all the comments under one cover.

You can buy it on here:

Hard cover:

leather cover:

I bought the hard cover version for my Spanish speaking grandmother.

God Bless


Nácar-Colunga is a great translation. :thumbsup: I have it in pocket Bible edition:

(Yes, that is my Basque rosary ring :p)


Well, that’s the thing. It’s hard to find in a larger edition. Have you got a source for a good sized one?

That’s why we use the Jovenes for study and daily reading. :slight_smile:


:eek: Really? I had to move Heaven and Earth to find a pocket Nácar-Colunga, most Bibles here are full-sized editions. The sources I have are local shops here in Spain, would they be of any use to you? If you think so I can ask if they’re willing to ship abroad. Or I can give you contact info and you can ask yourself, up to you.


Sure send me the info. Amazon only shows the pocket size.


PM sent. :thumbsup:


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