Is my campus holy ground?

I’m going to a Catholic University (University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX) and this recently piqued my curiousity. Would the entire campus be blessed and/or sanctified as holy ground, or is that something that is only done to a Church or cemetery? If someone could answer my question, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!


It depends on whether or not the campus was blessed and, of it was, what the intent was when it was blessed.

Deacon Ed

First off, forgive me for my ignorance on this reply. I do not mean to offend or come off as being mocking of Catholic practice. This is just something I’m very curious about and I need an accurate answer.

What I mean is, is it a typical practice to bless or sanctify a Catholic School’s entire campus (University or otherwise)? As for intent, let’s say it is to keep some evil from befalling the campus.

Take this as an example, and again, please forgive my ignorance on this subject. I know that a sanctified Church is holy ground, a place to venerate God Almighty where people may also take sanctuary in times of need. As such, spiritual evil and/or supernatural malevolence may not trespass upon this holy ground or dwell within the walls of the place of worship. By that token, would a campus’ classrooms and dormitories be blessed in such a fashion?

Or have I just seen one too many horror movies and need to get out of the house more often?

Your feedback and information is greatly appreciated.

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