Is my "Christian Prayer" up-to-date?

I just got a copy of “Christian Prayer” - have been using “Shorter Christian Prayer” for a year and decided to upgrade. I noticed that some of the shorter biblical readings have different wording from Shorter CP, and looking at the copyright page, it looks like “Christian Prayer” is not using the most recent edition of the NAB (CP is using the 1970 whereas SCP uses the 1970/1986). So I’m confused and wondering whether they sent me the wrong edition or whether Catholic Book Publishing Co really just hasn’t updated the NAB readings.

I think you are fine with the copy you have. I got my copy of Christian Prayer from EWTN and it’s exactly the same as the one being used by the priests at the local Passionist Monastery. Theirs are red vinyl covers with red page ends and the drawings throughout the book are basically black and red line drawings that look like they belong as stained glass found in some 1960s style church.

So, yes I believe you have the right one.


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