Is my confession invalid if I confess a venial sin only as a matter of course?

I went to confession and confessed a venial sin because I knew that confessing venial sins is a good practice. So when I was examining my conscience, I didn’t put much thought to it compared to the mortal sins I had to confess. Now I hadn’t given much thought about “stopping” the venial sin. There was no clear intent on my part to commit it again (at most, an acknowledgment that I might commit it again because I thought it was a “gray area” sort of sin that will be forgiven in communion). I just hadn’t made a “firm resolution” to not do it again. And I wasn’t even sure if it was really a venial sin or just an “imperfection” so I just confessed it anyway.

One of the requisites of a valid confession is to at least have imperfect contrition (or absence of intent to commit it again, I think?). So was my confession invalid?

Your confession was valid.

Outside of mortal sins, you don’t need to specifically have a stated desire to avoid a specific sin. For venial sins, a general desire to avoid sin is acceptable.

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