is my confession valid


The other day I went to confession and was feeling good until I realized that before I started confession the priest did not make the Sign of the Cross. I did not do it either before I started confessing. He absolved me and I did the Sign of the Cross then. I’m pretty sure my confession was valid but I just wanted to double check!

Thank you

It’s valid IMO. I have done the same thing. After I returned to the Church I even said the opening line wrong. I said “Forgive me Father for I have sinned”, instead of “Bless me Father for I have sinned”. The priest did not correct me and I was absolved of 15+ years of sins!

Whether or not you or the confessor made the sign of the cross at the beginning of your confession is so utterly inconsequential that, no, it does not even begin to touch upon the validity of the sacrament.

Why, by the way, are you asking this question of the board since you received the response of Father Grondin?

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