Is my daughter committing adultery?

My daughter is dating a non-Catholic who is in process of getting a divorce. Is that considered comitting adultery? She says that it is a platonic relationship.

The Catholic Church recognizes marriages between non-Catholics to be valid unless proven null through the Church’s annulment process. That being the case, unless an annulment has been declared, Catholics should consider married non-Catholics to still be married people even if divorced or “in process of getting a divorce”.

You might ask your daughter, “If he was happily married, would your relationship with him be appropriate?” This might help her to see that to “date” a married man, even if the relationship is platonic, is tantamount to adultery. The Catechism of the Catholic Church (2380; referencing Mt 5:27-28) teaches:

Christ condemns even adultery of mere desire.

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