Is my daughter seeing spirits?

I have an 18-month-old and she has been seeing “spirits.” Just today she was having a meal at her chair and suddenly she swung her head over and appeared to look up at someone and looked them over head to toe. She began conversing with the spirit and was repeatedly saying “No, no, no,” and finally she turned away from the spirit.

The first time she saw a spirit was several months ago. Again suddenly she turned into a direction in the room as if someone called her name and her eyes and head followed whatever was present as it walked across the room. She became frigthened and cried hysterically. On a few other occassions she has seen things around the house but this is the first time he has actually interacted with it.

This is truly frightening for me as I have no idea what to do. After she sees these spirits she becomes overly active and accident-prone. What should I do? What do you advise? Please help my daughter.

Unless your daughter is verbal enough at eighteen months to clearly state that she is “seeing spirits,” please do not leap to any conclusions about what she is “seeing.” If she is behaving in a manner that worries you, take her to see her pediatrician and simply describe the behaviors without attempting to interpret them. (For example, “My daughter will appear to spot something in the room, look at whatever it is, say ‘No, no, no,’ and then cry hysterically. After such instances, she becomes over-active and accident-prone.”) It is possible that there may be a medical explanation for what is upsetting your daughter.

If a medical explanation and treatment cannot be found, or if your daughter continues to be upset, then you might speak to your pastor to find out if there is anything he might do to offer her and you spiritual comfort and/or healing (and if he might have further recommendations for you to pursue).

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