Is my friend committing a sin?

I have a friend who is a 69 yr old confirmed Roman Catholic woman.
Her husband divorced her after 48yrof marriage.The marriage was in the church.
She now has a boyfriend near her age who is a widower.
She has been out of town with him, and slept inthe same bed.
She has not taken the Euchrist since her new friendship, as she is afraid she is committing a sin.:confused:

What is the Churches position on this?
Peace and Love


Regardless of the divorce, she is still validly married to her husband. Married people are not allowed to date let alone sleep with members of the opposite sex, other than their spouses. Obviously, she is not afraid enough to learn the facts before making choices. Yes, it is a sin to compromise one’s marital commitment with someone other than one’s spouse.
She should go to Confession and live without such relationships until she learns if her marriage warrants an attempt at getting it annulled. She should ask her local priest.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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