Is my friend sinning by downloading episodes of classic doctor that have not been released on dvd?

I have a friend who downloads classic episodes of doctor who. But she only downloads the ones that are not released on dvd. Once they are/if, she goes out and buys them. She sometimes also downloads episodes of the new doctor who (I don’t know why, thats going down hill fast) but will watch them on the Scifi Channel when they air them five months later, and still buys the dvds.

I was wandering ifshe was still stealing.

It doesn’t sound like a real big problem but I’m not sure about that one.

Yes. The lord said not to steal.

Oooooh, good question, you’d better tell me where he’s downloading them from, so I can better examine the issue… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Never mind, just joking, I expect it’s a peer-to-peer deal, which I steadfastly won’t do anyway, even for legal purposes.)

Stealing, technically yes, but I still have a hard time seeing damage when someone has a property, does NOTHING to make it available for sale to make money off it, then complains when someone shares it for free. They weren’t deprived of anything, because they never offered it themselves. The purpose of patent and copyright law is for the public good, to encourage innovation by allowing the creator exclusive money-making rights for a limited period; the fact that it is a limited period (at least that was the original idea) is to encourage the steady creation of new work instead of milking the same cow forever.

That really strikes me more like a child who has a toy that he hasn’t played with in months, ignores it on the shelf, but as soon as another child picks it up, goes screaming MIIIIIIIINE! and hits the other child until he drops it, just because it’s HIS. And then goes back to ignoring it.

It is stealing. There are also movies that are available for download even before they are released at the movie theaters, let alone DVD. It is a sin to download and watch these even if you buy a ticket to the movie when its released and the dvd after it becomes available.

I am not sure why this is stealing. The movie is made available to be downloaded presumably by the owner. I remember many years ago, newspapers were dropped off at shops in the middle of the night. People would take one home and stop by and pay for it later, or once per week on a Saturday stop by to settle up. How is it stealing if it is paid for and the intention was always to pay for it? I think someone is straining at gnats and swallowing dvds. I am also not sure why anyone would want to watch this garbage for entertainment, but am pretty sure more damage is done to the soul by watching this than paying for it late.

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