Is my husband's art bad?

My husband loves art, and is constantly drawing something new. Even when we’re eating dinner, he’ll start sketching on a napkin. I always see him at the computer, drawing on his tablet. He has a piece he just finished of a man wearing a rosary with a demon holding him down. But the man is stabbing the demon in the eye with a knife, and it looks as though the man previously slashed the demon’s stomach open, revealing his internal organs. I’m just not sure if this is okay. I know he plays violent video games and makes violent artwork, but I’m not sure how I feel about this. I just don’t think he should have mixed religion in with it.

Granted, the way you’ve described it this piece sounds a bit over-the-top gruesome, but I don’t see any ethical issue here. Why shouldn’t he “mix religion with it”? Do the thousands of paintings of St. Michael the Archangel slaying demons bother you? Is his purpose to take a stab at the Faith or is he trying to show Good triumph over Evil?

Spiritual warfare is pretty gory business. I imagine this kind of art may be cathartic for some.

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