Is my introversion causing me to sin?

I am definitely an introverted person and one the things I like about being Catholic is that I am rarely in a church with only a few people in it. I have found recently, though, that I sometimes avoid going to the daily evening Mass I enjoy because I know a friend of mine will be there. She knows I like solitude enough not to come sit by me, but I feel unfriendly if I don’t chat with her afterwards or offer her a ride home. I like her very much, but after a long day on the phones (my job does not suit my personality), I sometimes feel even that’s more socializing than I can handle. Am I sinning if I come and go quietly without engaging her? Am I sinning if I skip Mass just to not have to chat?

I don’t ever skip Sunday Mass; this only concerns daily Mass.


I am an introvert too. But nothing you can ever do can equal in value what happens at Mass. I hope that having to chat is the worst that ever befalls you.

I don’t know if you sin by skipping Mass to avoid chatting. But He endured so much more that you might have the opportunity to spend that time in the holiest of Communions with Him. Give your attention to Him and whether you are extroverted or introverted will be totally beside the point–because it really is.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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