Is my marriage Sacramental?


We were married in my husband’s Prodestant Church.
He was baptized in his Prodestant Church.
I was raised with various religions but my parents were originally Catholic however by the time I came along (5th child) they were no longer practicing so I did not go through any sacraments.

We both converted to Catholicism about 17 years ago and were both baptized. Him again as a Catholic, me for the first time.

Is this considered a Sacramental marriage?


The time line of your baptism & marriage does’t seem clear to me? Which came first?


Yes. Your marriage is valid and a sacrament. It became a sacrament at the moment of your baptisms.


Ed, I am reading the post as they both married while non-Catholics, then converted together 17 years ago.


Marriages between two baptized Christians are sacramental. It does not matter whether the marriage or baptism came first.


Yes, this is Sacramental. God Bless.


Yes, if neither of you were Catholic at teh time of your wedding then your marriage came with you when you were recieved into the Catholic church.


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