Is my mind playing tricks on me?

This may seem really ridiculous but my mind wont let it go. Back in January, I missed the Jan 1st Holy Day Obligation. My mom and I were on the way to church, but I got a migraine (if I don’t take medicine for them then I throw up) so my mom and I turned around (if we didn’t, then I would’ve ended up throwing up in church). I know for a fact that it wasn’t a mortal sin since because I didn’t have full will.

Now here is where my brain starts mess with me. I am pretty sure that I confessed it back in January. But now my mind is telling me I didn’t. Should I confess it again even though I’m pretty sure I already did? Or is my mind messing with me?

Any advice would be great!

There is nothing to confess. Illness excuses you from the obligation.

That’s super helpful! Thank you so much!! Now it’s the matter of letting my mind calm down and accept that. Thank you again!


Yes, your mind can play tricks on you. It resides in the same flimsy head, after all, that gave you the migraines.


Just as a reminder: illness excuses you from the obligation to attend mass, also having to care for a sick person or a small child, also inability to get transportation, also dangerous situations such as very icy roads, hurricanes, tornadoes.
As long as we really want to go to mass, but can’t make it safely or have a serious obligation, there’s no reason to feel guilty about not going.


In your very own words: “I know for a fact that it wasn’t a mortal sin since because I didn’t have full will.”

Be careful that you don’t become scrupulous. If you’re tempted to throw something into a Confession “just to make sure” or you know it wasn’t mortal, or if you aren’t sure whether what you did constituted “grave matter” (because the fact that you aren’t sure negates the “full knowledge” component), shoo the temptation to confess it away and go on about your business. Of course, confessing a venial sin that is bothering you or that you regularly have trouble with is an admirable and pious practice, but please be careful with potentially scrupulous thoughts.

Be at peace. :slight_smile:

You say that you are ‘pretty sure that I confessed it back in January’. It sounds to me that you have some doubt. If you know for sure that you confessed it then there is no reason to confess it a second time. But if there is some doubt, go to confession and tell the priest that you are not sure if you confessed it or not. Explain to the priest that it has been on your mind and talk to him about it. Don’t just briefly mention it but get it off your conscience. This has happened to me also. Of course you don’t want to make a habit of ‘re-confessing’ sins because that is denying the sacrament of confession and the mercy of God. We are only human and sometimes we forget what we confessed. Try preparing better before you go to church and confession like saying a rosary at home and recall the sins that you want to confess. Also, say or do penance that the priest has given to you and thank Got for forgiving you of your sins. Good luck.

But there was nothing to confess! The OP hadn’t committed ANY sin, let alone a mortal one!

It’s very dangerous (and i.m.o. somewhat doubting God’s mercy and omniscience) to confess something ‘just in case’ it was a sin.

If you know it wasn’t mortal sin why would you have to confess it at all. There is not even venial matter in what you describe.

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