Is my mixed marriage valid in the Catholic Church?

I am married to a non-practicing Lutheran man. We had a Catholic wedding, however, my parish priest said he would not offer Communion since my husband’s large family are mainly Lutheran and he didn’t want to “make them feel left out”. Since our wedding, my husband does attend Mass with me most Sundays and has agreed to raise our sons Catholic. He does not agree with all of the teachings and when I ask if he will one day go through RCIA, he says “no”. My main concern though is that I read something in the Catechism that concerned me regarding our marriage:

“For Catholic believers, to enter into and live in marriage with a person who belongs to another religion can cause difficulties for their own faith and for their future children. Given her responsibility for the faithful, the Church has therefore established the impediment of disparity of religion. Such a marriage can therefore be contracted validly only if a dispensation from this impediment is obtained before the wedding. The marriage is not sacramental. (YOUCat questions 267-168)”

The priest who married us did not mention anything about this dispensation or anything regarding our different religions. All along I have assumed our marriage was sacramental, but now after reading this it does not sound like it is. What does this mean for my marriage? Is there something I need to do to make it sacramental? Is it valid in the eyes of the Catholic Church? Thank you.


Seeking that dispensation is pretty much automatic by priests when they are preparing for a mixed marriage. I expect that your marriage is valid. If you still have doubts, check with the parish is which you were married. It was have evidence it such a dispensation was received.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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