Is NASA spending a waste?



We’re using up this rock at an amazing clip. our future is eventually going to be among the stars or dead. Humanity is like a virus. If you dont give it somewhere to spread, it dies out.


The latest generation of weather satellites are awesome and there’s no doubt that they benefit humanity right here on Planet Earth.


At least then when life on earth is destroyed by a large asteroid, the Church will continue. One of the Martian bishops will have to be named pope.


Yes it is. We can’t even take care of our problems on earth, but yet we waste money on trying to visit Mars.

All that money wasted could have gone to feeding hungry people.


Helium 3, etc.

The abundance of helium-3 is thought to be greater on the Moon than on Earth, having been embedded in the upper layer of regolith by the solar wind over billions of years,[4] though still lower in abundance than in the solar system’s gas giants.[5][6]

Moscovium 115


It would have to be wasted first.


I suppose that the critics of trans-atlantic exploration figured it was wasted money as well, and a lot of those first crossings were indeed disasters, but eventually it paid off.

In any case I would rather have the first substantial lunar base be a U.S. one rather than being controlled by some other nation.


Ooh… that sounds like a good novel haha


On the other hand, if we are are going to talk about spending money on space, or at least as much, I guess an argument could be made for exploring and utilizing the 70% of our planet that is the ocean, though that too has its drawbacks.(like leviathans)


It would be NASA technology.


i want & sincerely wish for a bishop of the earth moon ; and then going forward; “the arch-bishop” of Mars


I do not think NASA is a waste. They are honestly a small % of the budget and MANY good inventions have come from the space program.

Regardless of what some people say, space is not yet affordable for the private sector. It’s the role of public sector to support what the private sector cannot.

So until the day where space exploration, space mining, space stations, etc can all be effectively handled by the private sector, it should be the role of the public sector.

Below is a link with just a FEW of the technologies that was have today thanks to NASA spin offs alone (not including other space agencies or other inventions/discoveries by companies working on a NASA project)


By affordable you really mean the benefits aren’t greater than the cost. If the benefits were so great then private business would engage in it. There isn’t a thing in the world private interests won’t due if there is money to be made. And money to be made means people find the endeavor worthwhile. The only time you need government is when people don’t think something is worthwhile to spend money on.


That’s not really true.

There are are things that are very valuable/important, but the not cost effective for the private sector.

Public transportation is one of them. Private city subways were once a profitable service for the private sector, but once the car was invented, subways, regionals rail, etc became non-profitable because they lost volume due to cars.

No one can say that public transportation is not extremely valuable to cities like New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, etc. Big cities would suffocate without them. But regardless of the demand, it’s not profitable for a private company to handle.

But it has to be public sector because the private sector lost the ability to make money once the car came into the picture.

Point is, there comes a point when some product/service becomes so expensive it becomes cheaper to us a product or service that is harmful to society (or simply not in our best interests). Example: using plastic milk jugs instead of paper & glass milk containers. Regardless of our efforts to recycle plastic we can’t really effectively recycle plastic at the levels we use it. Glass and paper containers would be better for our environment, but plastic is so much cheaper that we use it instead.

Sometimes that means it’s not worthwhile (like selling calculators in the world of smartphones). But other times it means that a service (like public transportation inside cities and space exploration) is worthwhile but requires major investment / loss to build a profitable system. The internet is a great example of this. Without public sector funding and support, no single company would have been able to creat the World Wide Web.

Furthermore, would Columbus ever have come to America if the Spain (and other kings in Europe) left his voyage (and other expositions) to the private sector? No. No rightful businessman would fund such an expensive venture into the unknown.

Thoughtout human history, exploration/colonization has typically been a govermental or societal venture. Not a private enterprise.

Point is, until the private sector is read to take it over (and trust me they will when they can find a way to make money), the public sector needs to continue helping to grow the opportunities here.

God Bless


If a form of transportation is more expensive than another why would you want the more expensive one? You are right that only the state can run a more expensive transportation system.

The kings were the private sector.

As recently as the last century the Scott and Amundsen South Pole expeditions were private expeditions (although some government funds were used).


How much did it cost them to find those Martian rock farts that they announced last week?


NASA’s budget is half of one percent of the US federal budget.


Well, we will need to leave the Earth eventually because in only about 5 billion more years the Sun will become a red gian star, completely enveloping earth in the process.


Speaking as an economics professor . . .

Interestingly, one of our classic examples of a “public good” was the lighthouse.

Then someone spoiled the fu by looking at the data, and it turns out that most of them were built privately. As it turns out, the ports were competing with one another . . .

hawk, using his doc


Might be what you are saying is right but we cannot claim it to be true unless we have some proof.

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