Is Nicholas Romanov II Venerated In The Byzantine Catholic Church?

I know that Orthodox saints can be privately venerated in the Church. But is Nicholas II a saint the in Byzantine rite? I have heard that if a branch of Orthodoxy re-unites with Rome the saints of the orthodox branch will be venerated in the Catholic Church. (Or at least in that rite)

Many Orthodox Saints are venerated privately by Byzantine Catholics, some as part of the liturgical cycle of the Church (Saint Palamas in many Byzantine Catholic Churches and Saint Photios in the Melkite Church).

As far as Nicholas II, I assume he’s venerated privately by some Byzantine Catholics but I can’t say for sure.


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I’d be surprised if you didn’t find veneration of him, and even icons, among the Russian Catholics . . .

Martyrdom makes up for so many other details . . .


The Romanov family were canonized as Passion-Bearers, not martyrs.

I am sure there are Byzantine Catholics who venerate him. I have a devotion to St. Elizabeth the New Martyr.

What you have heard is correct, but that wouldn’t really apply to the Nicholas II and his family because they were not canonized by any Orthodox Church until 1981. There is no Byzantine Rite Church that has come into communion with Rome since that time.

What’s a “New Martyr” as opposed to a regular Martyr?

Edited because you already answered my first question above.

Basically a martyr that died due to a heretical/non-Christian regime for the faith that is post Pagan Rome persecution.

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I don’t know how I missed this. I see it has already been answered. Here is a more thorough treatment of the subject:


So the Christian Cambodians who died under Pol Pot because of their religion are counted as new martyrs?

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