Is non-Catholic therapy all right?


I’m seriously considering going into therapy but I’ve checked and the closest listed therapist is 70 miles from my house. Secular therapists can give very bad advice contrary to Church teaching. Is it appropriate for a Catholic to go to a non-Catholic therapist?


Yes, it is perfectly fine to go to a non-Catholic therapist, so long as the therapist’s treatment suggestions are in line with Catholic morality and he or she respects the importance of the Catholic faith in your life. I recommend calling the Catholic therapist you found and asking for a referral to a practitioner in your area. Since the Catholic therapist is within 70 miles of you, it is likely that he or she has knowledge of trusted colleagues who work closer to your home. It is also possible that the Catholic therapist knows of other Catholic therapists in your area who may not be listed with the web site you mention.

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